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Newby here.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AMG, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. G'day all.

    At the urging of a certain friend (you know who you are), I've joined up here on Netrider. :)

    Name's Andrew (though most call me Drew). I'm Fluffy Donkey's elder brother. Also mates with LPC III & ktulu on the forum. I'm 26, car & driving nut, Christian, like music and hoping to secure my first bike around January this year. Also find the vast majority of road users incompetant at best, out-right dangerous at worst.

    Following on from this, I find the vast majority of road-safety policy an utter profiteering joke and a total failure.

    Currently wondering about either a CBR2500RR or a GS500F.

    Any questions, please shoot. :)
  2. Hey man good to see you finally joined up. We'll have you on two wheels before no time. You'll enjoy it here. Welcome.
  3. Welcome to the fold :grin:
  4. Hi there.
  5. I know dude, I know. Speaking of, I got a call from Bike Biz about 30 mins ago. They just got in an import CBR, copper/black colour scheme with about 25,000k's on it, asking $6,500.

    Still, at least Chris is getting my jacket today - that'll be the highlight of this otherwise crap day.

    Also, need to figure out what to do this long weekend. Don't want it pissed away sitting at home doin nothin.

    Glad to see I have a fan-base already. :) No pictures please.
  6. Yeah something will definitely be happening this weekend, As far as Cibby 250s I would recommend going for the tri-colour, aussie import, and I'm sure you could pick one up for around the same specs for that price. Just shop around.

    Oh as for the jacket... can you already imagine that beautiful Dainese Leather hugging your body. :cool: :)
  7. I'll take you for another ride on donkey's or my bike this arvo. :)
  8. Herro. Looks like another support crew member...I think we have enough for a pit crew!

    Go the GS500F over the CBR. You can get a 04-05 model with very few KMs on it and still get change from $6500.
  9. Hey Haggis.

    I do like the GS500F and I am leaning towards that direction. Still, the lack of a decent noise is a bummer, but I may just have to save that for a future R1. ;)

    And Loz, I'm happy to go out on the bike again (was actually gonna ask you about that hehe). Still, as much as I'd love to go out on Chris's, I think yours is the wiser/safer choice atm.

    And I can't wait to see my jacket again. I'm starting to forget what it looks like. I may look at picking up that HJC helmet I showed you this weekend if we can make it to Yagoona?
  10. Welcome AMG

    :LOL: Nice to know Im not the only one draggin family members in here.
  11. Welcome AMG, My bike is the tricolor :) ...very zippy - great for around town.
  12. Yeah we could do a trip down to Yagoona on Sunday, get you a helmet, draggin jeans and some gloves, then you'll have no excuse. :)
  13. Helmet for now Loz. ;)

    I'll look at the other gear but I can only take this one step at a time. Did I show you the helmet I wanna get? I like it and it's neutral enough to go with any bike and the black/silver scheme I think will be an alright match for the jacket.
  14. Hi Andrew, nice to talk to you at the Ranch the other night; welcome to the madder side of Netrider, you are now officially doomed :LOL:

    Nice to have another follower of the Way on the site too :wink:
  15. You'll have to forgive me, hornet but I don't remember which one you were from the Ranch the other night. I'm pretty sure I met you and I remember your user name being thrown around that night, but I'm not good with names until after a few meets. Sorry mate.

    Little help?
  16. Yeah you showed me the helmet, still i figure we might go to Yagoona on Sunday cos I have to look at some gloves as well.
  17. elo nice to see car nuts can become motorcycle nuts too!!!

    enjoy the site and i hope you get a toy real soon...
  18. Hornet's the guy who made us wonder if the makers of Draggin Jeans ever intended for them to be worn with suspenders :grin:
  19. Cheers ward.

    Yeah, I've been a passenger with LPCIII numerous times and really like it. I actually did the L's test and passed in 04 but had no bike to ride.

    I love driving to death and love all sorts of different cars. What I don't love is the total pissing contest of which is better: bikes or cars? Any true enthusiast will be able to see the inherant merits and detractions of both modes of moving around. By their nature, cars are better than bikes in some disciplines and the reverse is also true.

    Still, if anyone wants to debate the matter, I'll wade into battle. ;)
  20. Hey man sorry about last night I go stuck filming stuff for Senior High, we will have to go for a ride soon though. :)