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Newby here...which bike out of these 4?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Leighroy09, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone

    I'm about to go for my L's and I wanted to know your opinions on these bikes.
    I'm 6'2, 85kgs, mainly local riding but maybe some rides from sydney to the central coast along the Old Road and looking to spend a max of $4500.



    Sachs Madass 125

    Sachs Express 150

    I know there not great bikes but they all have a warrenty and I dont have any bike maintance experience so they'd be good to get me started. Also I'm not that keen on second hand bikes as they all have a fair few k's and no warrenty.

    Anyway let me know what you think or if there's any other bikes better suited.

    Oh and if I've put this thread in the wrong place feel free to let me know 2.

    Cheers guys
  2. and yet they would probably still be much more reliable than any of the options you have listed.
  3. Thanks sooo much 4 ur input
  4. They're right - the ones on your list are cheap for a reason. The Sachs is a glorified moped which would be great fun as a pure commuter, but won't do you many favours in terms of learning how to ride real bikes. ZhongShen are very new on the market AFAIK, and haven't exactly set the world on fire - cheap and cheerful Chinese isn't exactly what most people look for in a bike.

    Most learners start off with no bike maintenance experience - half the fun for most of us is learning as you go.

    I'd look for a reasonably low km, decent condition used Jap learner - the CB250s in Stigger's list are about the simplest and probably cheapest things around, but there are plenty more - Honda CBR250R and VTR250 tend to be a bit priceyer (???) or there's Kawasaki's GPX/ZZR250, Suzuki Across... the list goes on.
  5. I've got to agree with what's been said. I'd rather a used Jap.
    If you must go ZONGSHEN, I may know someone who has one on the showroom floor in Dandenong Vic, at a good price.
  6. Out of those options, I'd go for a... GPX250, 2004+ model with low kms - for $4000.
  7. I'd rather walk.
  8. +1.

    This is definitely your best option.
  9. +1 to Darkhorse, I think you will get a better learning and reliability experience from a second hand Jap bike. Chinese build quality is very patchy, you may get a good one you may get a lemon. Go the Jap bike.
  10. I've generally found the chinese stuff to be 'not too bad' although it rusts quickly and you'll be forever sticking bits back on.

    The ZONGSHEN ZS250GS claims about 17.5hp. Which is pretty pathetic for a 250, but it is a single. Should see you to 100km/h.
  11. out of your 4 choices i'd select the Sachs Express 150...because i think, being cheaper than the rest, i would get the most POS for my buck...plus, the simple 'go fast' mods are easy to do yourself...simply remove the engine and any other dead weight, then fit a set of pedals.
    you could probably buy a bigger POS for even less money though if you'd consider the Gaymax Spillo...or you could probably pick up a second hand WHoflungadung for free.
  12. haha mokeymam well played

    Ok ok so I've found a 07 Yamaha cbf250 with 3500kms and rego till aug for $4000.00 going to have a look at it 2morrow.

    Since I know zero about bikes and i was shot down in flames on my 4 choices I had a look 4 some jap bikes.

    Let me know if I've made bad choice #5 and thanks for all your help guys, looks like I need it!

  13. Well for a start if it's a CBF250 it's a Honda, if it's a Yam it's probably an FZX250 (Zeal)

    Either way good solid simple learner bikes, but you might want to suss out which it is! Otherwise the numbers sound good, see what sort of condition it's in, and maybe consider spending the $100 or so for a mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection on it for you. Well worth the money for the peace of mind.
  14. haha yeah my bad its a honda...the inspection is a good idea I'll b sure to do that...can you get a mobile bike mechanic like NRMA for cars. Since I dont have my licence yet I wouldnt be able to take it myself but if it's a good deal then I'll pick it up in the ute.

    Thanks again!