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Newby Helmet Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dragon05, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am seriuosly considering purchasing my first road bike in the next few months when the budget allows. I am doing all the research i can before hand and have gatthered some great info from this site so thanks everyone it's a great help!!

    Anyway in regards to helmets, i have an old Arai GP4K helmet (5-6 years old) which i used to wear whilst racing open wheel cars (full face helmet of course). I have since replaced this helmet with the latest Arai model for racing so i now have the GP4K spare and was concidering using this on the bike. It makes sense to me it was a damned expensive hemet when new and it seems a shame to not use it.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. Put it this way if you fall off and smack your head on the road wouldn`t you rather be wearing the best quality helmet at your disposal? Wear the new one for both car racing and the bike. It`s probably a better fit.
  3. I've read that you shouldn't use a helmet that's older than five years at all.
  4. Totally agree, my main concern was the size of the visor on racing helmets seem to have a smaller opening to see through compared to bike helmets. They must make the bike helmets with a larger viewing for a reason, i just don't want to have reduced vision by using the Arai helmet i have.
  6. good excuse to go helmet shopping i say :)
  7. I seem to recall that besides visor area the reinforcing is in different places to accommodate the most common impact areas for the particular sport.
    Tried to find substansating evidence but family calls...
  8. As long as its australian standards - who cares?
  9. It's getting on a bit. Personally, I wouldn't not wear it, assuming it's still in good nick, but, frankly, I reckon you'd be better off buying a new one. Compared to all the other costs involved in getting a bike on the road, a few hundred bucks for a decent lid that'll last you a while (assuming no crashes) is peanuts really.
  10. Can you get new lining for it?
  11. Yeah the only reason i have the new lid is beacuse the lining is showing signs of age, not good in a fire, aprt from that it's OK.
  12. Hi there

    A few points for consideration:

    1. My understanding (and sorry I don't have a link or anything to back me up - but Google I'm sure will confirm this for you) is that motorcycle and car helmets are intrinsically different. Specifically, motorcycle helmets are designed to sustain a single hard sharp blow, the kind your head takes when you hit the pavement, or a tree, on coming car/truck/bus etc. Hence you replace it after a crash. Its only meant/designed for one single impact. Car helmets on the other hand, are designed to take numerous but less intense blows, because, as you know, if you crash and roll a car you may well smash your head on the steering wheel and or the side window and then continually smash it around the cabin on the roll cage, windows, wheel etc as the car keeps flipping/rolling. So I would buy a motorcycle helmet designed for motorcycle accidents.

    2.Following on from the above, how much is your brain worth to you? If you can put a dollar figure on that, then sure use whatever helmet you like. Me personally, I'd spend all your money on the safety gear and the spare change on the bike. In that millisecond before a big impact, I'd hate to think "Oh sh*t, I should have really shelled out for a Shoei rather than this $199 piece of crud that is now wearing me for protection".

    3. Following on from that, I personally would disregard the above post which says words to the effect "If its AS compliant who cares". Its your brain and your life, so I will leave that choice up to you.

    4. With respect to age, I think it depends on the physical condition of the helmet. You may get some 5 year old helmets that have sat on a shelf for a few years and then are only worn once a week or less. In which case, after 5 years the whole helmet (lining included) will probably be pristine. If you can see signs of wear with your lining and its 5 years old I personally would be turning it into a trophy and putting it in the pool room. But again, with reference to point 1 above, I personally would be going out and spending as much as you can afford on a motorcycle specific helmet. In that respect, Shark do some amazing helmets for very reasonable prices (see the RSI and the RS2R). My next helmet is hands down going to be a shark.

    Anyway the above is just my opinion/understanding of the world, and you wouldn't be the first person to disagree with me about something so its not gospel :p !

  13. In recent years, much of the Helmet testing has been revised as more and more data has been collected and collated in determining most common impact areas etc...

    The following website, although a UK site will give you a guide as to their ratings also all about correct fitting etc...

    +1 to the previous post...just because its AS does not mean all helmets are the same. There are various levels of protection abit like ANCAP


  14. The most absurd part is that we have all these draconian safety laws to "save lives" which usurp pretty much every freedom and liberty which we have, but perhaps the most crucial aspect of rider safety, helmets, is virtually open slather.

    I'd sooner not ride at all than ride in a $200 helmet. I seriously cannot believe that its 'legal' to get around in them. If you can shell out $xx,xxx dollars for a bike, you should be forced to shell out for a semi decent lid too. And what about those things that you see guys riding cruisers getting around in? They're black and they sit on the top of their head like a skull cap. They don't even cover the rider's ears. Come on...

    Ok I'm done now ... I like motorbikes :p