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Newby from the Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MRX650, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hi All, Joined after the forum being recommended by Takamii.
    I'm one of the grey haired "returned" riders coming back into the fold after possibly a more youthful exuberance.
    Have a couple of bikes that I try and ride (Ducati 900SS and 916 Senna) and am the Australian Importer of the Fischer MRX.
    My son (Michael) and I have a small bike shop (Repairs) in Burleigh Heads and we do a lot of restorations of older classics as well as servicing etc.
    I have a 1978 Kwaka 650 pretty much all done and a Yamaha XS650 that I'm in the middle (well beginning really) at making into a chopper /bobber.
    Looking forward to reading up on you all and hopefully saying hi on the road somewhere sometime.

  2. Welcome MRX. :)
  3. welcome, things are on back burner in qld, due to floods, but keep an eye out for the local rides, great way to meet like minded people.
  4. Hi and welcome! Hopefully you find your way to posting some photos of what you've described there...
  5. Welcome to Netrider

  6. Hello and welcome to Australias biggest motorcycle forum
  7. G'day mate and welcome to Netrider :)