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Newby from Reservoir, Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yawyawland, May 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I'm a newby from Reservoir.

    I have been commuting from Reservoir to Melbourne cbd in my Honda Benly scooter for past couple of months and I'm eally enjoying it.

    Unfortunately I've already slipped over wet tram tracks and learnt the hard way. I have since watched a lot of YouTubes and read through a lot of motorcycle sites including Netrider.

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    Welcome, Yes tram tracks are a Melbourne winter thing. There are a few threads on them here if you do a search. The short answer is cross them as close to right angle as you can.
  3. Thanks cjvfr, I have since picked up loads of tips from this site, what a great resource and community netrider is.

    Oh so glad I found it.
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  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. Welcome to NR, I'm only just up the road in Mill Park
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  6. Welcome to NR, look up the Sat Practice thread too... It's on every Sat at 10am!
  7. Thanks DonJuan, I'm super keen for the Saturday practice, I just hope that scooters are welcome too :)
  8. Thanks lontad! Good to know another rider up north!
  9. Thanks Lazy Libran!
  10. Howdy and welcome yawyawlandyawyawland. :) Tram tracks can get a bit interesting!
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Howdy & Welcome to NR! - Nice Avatar / pic btw :)
  13. If you are talking about GoldenberriGoldenberri JayteeJaytee, I've met her and I believe it is a photo of her. :)
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  14. PetesulPetesul it was to JeffcoJeffco actually , his teeth always look so white n' shiny! :p
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  15. Oops....
  16. Colgate it really does get in
  17. If you look like your avatar, you are one handsome looking dude JeffcoJeffco.
  18. You guys are awesome and thank you for making me feel welcomed. I'm going to dig around for the Sunday learner session as I've read that it's little slower than the sat sesh.