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Newby from Quebec - Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by marylene, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi !

    First : sorry if my english is not perfect, in Quebec, we speek french :)

    Little bit about me : I have a supermoto yamaha wr250x 2008. The gouvernement here is trying to remove all the bikes from the road so if we have a bike that they classified ''ss'' like gsxr ou yzf or cbr or zx... even if it's an old bike, it cost 1410$ per year and we can't drive it in the winter because of the snow. The solution is to take a little bike 400cc or less, so it's cheaper !

    I've been riding for 3 years now, I had a kawasaki 750 94 and a 92.

    My boyfriend and I are tinking to move in australia, we just start talking about it so we don't know in which part to go. Of course, we want good road and to be near racing track. We were thinkig to go near Melbourne... but is there realy a lot of rain day ? I saw some stats that say 10 to 18 day of rain per months... is that true ?

    Hope to see you one day :), since there I will continue to read you

  2. Hi, Welcome.

    I lived in Calgary before coming to Melboure, and I look at the locals with amusement when they complain about the weather in Melbourne. In winter time, it'll be like 12 degrees and people complain about "freezing" weather.

    As far as # of rain days go, you might get a dozen rainy days in a month during the worst time of the year, but it's often in very short bursts, and not enough to prevent one from riding year round.

    As far as the best twisty roads go, people keep on telling me that Tasmania is the place to be, though I haven't been there myself.
  3. like was said above, even if it's wet here we can ride all year round.....if you think this country is bike friendly forget it, here they keep dropping the speed limits on every road then place speed camera's/police everywhere and claim it's for safety reasons :censored: but most know it's just a way to collect extra taxes as why else do they budget for it. But it seems most don't care

    Myself from what i have heard i would either consider Tasmania or New Zealand

    btw welcome to the forums(y)
  4. Welcome, Marylene

    It seems your government is similarly supportive of motorcycling as ours! How sad it would be though to have to put the bike away for winter. You must hand out for spring!

    There are many great places to live in Australia, though if you want access to a racetrack, the capital cities are a better option. A few country cities have them, but track access may not be as good.

    As for weather, while Melbourne's weather tends to be the butt of jokes here in Australia, it is all relative. Australia has a very pleasant climate overall, and each place has its pluses and minuses, particularlyfor motorcyclists. Canberra, for example, is really sunny all year, little rain, though cold in winter. Sydney, Adelaide and Perth have great climates for riding but can be hot in summer. Brisbane can be very humid,which can make riding unpleasant, though temperatures are very pleasant all year. Sydney and Melbourne are both great cities with much to offer, but are large and busy, so i don't enjoy riding in them - and it can take a while to get to the good riding roads. But others here love riding in the big cities.

    All the major cities have good riding roads near them - in my view Adelaide is the pick as a bike rider for climate, great riding roads nearby, good destinations for a day or weekend ride, plus great food and wine. Great beaches and a long summer.

    But I am sure others here will give you the benefit of their opinions and help to confuse you. Whatever, people say that Canada and Australia have much in common in terms of being good places to live. Australia is going through a growth phase and has been barely affected by the financial crisis. There is plenty of work and good money here if you go for it. I am sure you will enjoy life here if you come.

    Good luck and enjoy riding now th eweather is improving there.

  5. Hi Marylene,

    I'll put my vote forward for Brisbane. It has great weather all year round, some excellent roads that are really accessible from the CBD and has a couple of race tracks to choose from.

    As mentioned above, it can get a little warm and humid in summer, but with the right gear you can still be protected yet comfortable in these conditions. It is much better than the alternative of winter in some of the other capitals.

    It is not nearly as hectic as most of the other capitals in aus, and has plenty of work on offer. Not to mention the sunshine coast, and hinterland regions right behind that arent yet overrun with tourist buses!

    I suppose I'll ad a +1 to Adelaide also, as it has a fairly stable weather pattern, some great riding and awesome hideaways in the regional areas.

    Good luck with your choice, and the move!
  6. Hi Marylene,
    No it isn't true. 5-10 days with rain per month, but mostly just for an hour or two. Only a few days a year with rain all day long. And it's not cold enough to snow in Melbourne, only the mountains.

    Policing is heavy, but there are 2 or 3 race tracks for bikes, including the amazing Philip Island circuit :grin:

    There are good roads near Melbourne. There are better roads in Tasmania, but no big city there.
  7. Bonjour & Bienvenue Marylene

    I've been a postie (mail carrier) for two years now and in that time I spent 12 months in Melbourne and 12 months in Sydney and can tell you that both have their ups and downs.
    Melbourne - Possibly more days with rain but it's very much a case of "If you don't like the weather, wait 30 minutes" and will be like that for most of the day.
    Sydney - Maybe has less days with rain but when it rains you almost wonder if it's time to start organising the animals two by two.
    As a comparison, I wore my full wet weather gear more in the first three months in Sydney than I did in an entire year in Melbourne. Either way Sydney or Melbourne are way better than anywhere in Canada if you're after year round riding - it's been said before NO SNOW (unless you go looking for it :LOL:).
  8. Hi Marylene, welcome to Oz and Netrider, you will enjoy it here, regarding which city to come and live, i suggest to come here for a holiday first, and visit all our cities, then you will know which one is for you..

    Question, why is your government trying to remove all the bikes??
  9. Hi Marylene and welcome to NR

    I am sure by Canadian standards Melbourne's weather is fine. You can ride all year around. It probably rains on more days than , say Sydney, but when they get rain it is much heavier rain.

    But if you are coming from overseas why limit yourself to one Australian City, when you can try them all.
  10. Thank for your answers !

    So It's not this bad for the rain :) Do you think there's a website where I can see all the race track in australia ?

    I just realize that when you sleep, it's the midle of the day here ! :p
    A plane ticket up and down is 2000$ for each person :S

    We start planning our trip... what we will need to see and of course, in wich city we will go !

    I work as a project manager and estimating in the construction... is there a city that is more in developpement than an other ?

    Thanks !

    Mary !
  11. hummm,... they don't want us on the road... ?

    This is how I see it : those who don't have a bike hate bikes, the population think that every one on this is going to die and the way it is here, if you have an accident and you need medication, it's the SAAQ (we pay the liscence plate to them... it's like the insurance compagny for the people on the road, but they are alone, you have to pay the plates to them, and it's an obligation) that pay for it. So those who don't have bike don't want to pay for the bikers. They boost the price to cover the reclamation we may possibly do... I hope it's not to hard to understand cause it's hard to explain :rolleyes: :)

    The price of the plates was 400$ 2 years ago, than 1000$ last year, and 1410$ this year. You also have personal and bike insurances about 500-2000$ / year and motorcycle driving liscence : 100$ / year. It's expensive only to put it on the road.

    Here we also have speed limit. It's 60 mph and if you go 70 or faster it's a ticket.

    How do the population considers the bike in australia ?

  12. Hi Mary

    Some sites you should take a look at ...

    1st is very obvious ... australia.gov.au, has all the info you require, even immigrating to Aust.

    Couple of the major bike related sites. Yes mostly racing related etc, but will have info your looking for.

    Motorcycling Australia

    Motorcycling Victoria
    ... other states will have their own sites. There are links to them from this site.

    I'm sure others will be able to post up more sites to point you in the right direction.
  13. Welcome Mary

    What the others said, come and see, I bet you'll come back for good.