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Newby - Delayed Hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jimmyhotdog, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I've been a member since the 15 of May and haven't posted!
    But - there is always a but! Here it is!
    I ride a 2006 GPX 250 Daily to commute to work and rarely get a chance to go on rides due to hefty weekends. Try to catch up with Friends.
    I play indoor sports Mon, Tues, Thur, and Sat and Friday I just try to get 5 to myself.
    When riding I prefer the "Dry" conditions but living in Melbourne this is not always the case!
    I do use the rider’s acknowledgement nod and “if I don't” it is not intentional!

    Hope to catch up at a coffee night sometime soon.

  2. Hi Jimmy, welcome, nice to meet you.
    There's lots of GPX owners here, so plenty of information to share, I'm sure.
  3. Welcome to the boards, geez, and i thought my schedule was busy.... hopefully you will get along to one of the thousands of events that run here.

    cheers stewy
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Hey Hornet600 I had a look into popular 250's and that's why I got one!
    Good value for money!

    Hey Stewy I will be out there!
    Hopefully not too far out there!

    I was creeping through stationary traffic and I think I got done by a "Red light" camera when I pulled in front!
    How can the law call it running red lights when I haven't crossed the intersection?
    Its a bit of a bummer but I'll have to wait and see!
  5. you should be ok as far as i am aware. red light cameras take 2 photos the first activated when you cross the sensor the second to confirm you are going thru (ie in the middle of the intersection etc.) watch the lane splitting though - some of the boys (or girls) in blue may ping you
  6. Welcome JimmyHotdog.

    Don't worry about the red light camera. I don't think they gonna get you for that. You didn't go thru the intersection when red. So you're safe. IHO.
  7. Hey Ferret I tend to keep an extra eye for the (Blue People) But you just never know!
    In regard to splitting lanes they can always get you on overtake on the left of the other vehicle!

    Hey kanduli01 it is a matter of interpretation of the law when it is said that you have taken the red lights! Were the referance is the White line.

    Anyway in the Vic roads ridesafe cd it shows a bike rider take off at an intersection due to a 4WD cager braking late! But that is another story!

  8. Hey Jimmy,

    Another GPX rider here! They really are popular!
  9. Hey sonja
    The good old GPX also known as the silent assasin "Ninja" (Kill or be killed)
    I see that the weather in Canberra is much the same as Melbourne!
    Popularity is like trouble everybody likes it in small dosages