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Newbs watch out for tram lines

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kowai, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. So I turned from Chapel St onto High St and very stupidly turned right -onto- a tram line!

    I got stuck riding along it, (in the wet too) and very thankfully got off it but not after a horrible wobble/skid that made me feel like I was about to have a lowside!!

    So just a reminder to be wary of those lines! :shock:

  2. Good to see that you're out there learning the ropes...

    Yep. Beware of tramlines, try to cross them at an angle, the greater
    the better 90deg is best.

  3. As above... and i find if i must cross then parrallel, a nice quick movement over them seems to work best. Almost exagerate the change of lane position when you go over the tracks.
  4. How do people find negotiating inner-city roads where you are almost forced to cross tram lines when only the centre lanes are in use do to parked cars alond the side?

    Is it better to try and stay between the tram lines or to ride to the left of the left line and still within the lane.

    I'm curious because there's the obvious safety factor but also because near my house there are numerous occasions where you are restricted to one lane (tram lane) and the roads have many corners and you are forced to cross the lines at very accute angles just as a matter of course.

    It's a bit of a worry.
  5. DVL, just take it easy and note your lane position.

    I find riding in the middle of the tram lines to be best option when only one lane, but then often the concrete in the middle is very bumpy, so i would ride closer to the parked car side of the lane. But then that poses the issue of someone noob opening their door on you.

    You just need to weigh up the option of where best to sit in the lane, and ensure that other cars know you are using that lane so they dont try to overtake you.
  6. I've said it before and i'll say ti again!

    F*ck you Mr. Wet Tram track.

    It can happen to anyone, I low sided (badly) doing 3-5k's turning off Toorak rd onto my street, which saw me sliding down the opposite side of the road narrowly avoiding going under a taxi.

    navigate tram tracks with the UTMOST care!
  7. My advice is to avoid roads with tram lines if at all possible.

    Even if you position yourself well enough to avoid them, your options to maneuver in emergencies is limited (e.g. to swerve, e-brake etc). It's not just about crossing them - they are a significant hazard to be avoided.
  8. Yeah that was the closest I've ever come to an accident :( I literally got stuck riding along the tram line - so stupid!! I should've watched where I was going better.. Ahhh! So yeah when I tried to get off the line I veered -slightly- left and the bike just skidded out beneath me, almost lowsiding, but somehow corrected again. It was really scary stuff! I doubt I would've hurt myself or been hit by anyone else but I would've damaged the bike which would suck.

    Yeah Doug I've been out but need much more practice :) I've been busy lately with being on holidays up in NSW + my/my boyfriend's/my friend's birthdays. Hoping to come out for a ride this Sat :)
  9. beware of those stupid tire wide grooves they cut into the monash too...i think they put them there to purposesly fcuk up people on bikes
  10. oh and if you should opt to take the left/kerb side of the tram tracks try not to go too close to the parked cars...because sometimes *suprise* their doors suddenly fly open so dickheads can jump out without looking first
    dickheads in cars love doing that.

    ...sometimes they even do it at intersections exactly at the point you filter down the center...because they are dumb tradies in utes and they don't know how to secure their loads so they have to *surprise* jump out at the lights to run around the ute.
  11. but its so bumpy on the middle.......so slippery on the track...so risky running into cagers/doors.....so scray in the wet....so scray in wet and having to do a turn on them (has images of bros bike when ever goes near wet tram tracks =S)..... blast these damn tram tracks

    oh they are good for doin burnouts on thou xD not that i recomend it

    kowai do u go to monash by any chance? park in between law building and menzies?