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Newbs. dun leave your keys in the bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Willzah, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. parked next to a cbr125 today (hehehe they are so small) didnt notice at first. came back bout a hour later n notice his key was still in ignition. took the key, (was tempted to ride it around the block, then decided it was 1 cyl PoS) left a note with my number. 2 hours later got a call. gave teh key back.

    Now if i wasnt such a nice guy and in a nice mood, i might just have rode that bike to a different parking spot.

    there was a helmet on the bike too. imagine that, new bike and helmet for my taking. If i left it there, the next guy wouldnt have been so nice. (then again it was a 125) nice helmet thou....

  2. Dun? Are you singaporean?
  3. How did you know the person who called owned the bike?

    I could have walked by and seen your note, then called you?
  4. and don't forget the steering lock
  5. hahaah loz.... no

    i put my note so that you had to be close up to see it. it was folded too. generally being the only person at uni with a jacket on and boots stuck at the carpark gave it away.

    dewbot why would u want a 125?
  6. Looks like an admirer or passer-by of the motorbike got a new bike and helmet :)
  7. Holding a real conversation with some of you people would be a nightmare, given how infrequently you actually LISTEN to what the other person just said :roll:.
  8. good to see someone taking the time to help a stranger out, even though they could have walked away laughing to themselves about the other persons stupidity. Was the owner appreciative when they collected their keys?
  9. who will want to steal a cbr125?? who?? WHO???!!!
  10. Makes as much sense as stealing a hyo
  11. I keep leaving the keys in my Honda but nobody will steal it :(
  12. Ain't that always the way...
  13. haha yea he was. its not the bike, its the helmet and gloves under his seat worth stealing. it was a arai helmet n A* gloves i think
  14. less sense*

  15. nah i think the tank will stay on longer than the hyos
  16. i've left my keys in my bike many times in the past... got to the point where i couldn't find the keys to go on my next ride, and so i would check the bike (it'd be there!).
  17. is it cuz ur on the meth?? :LOL:

    sooo where do u work? which suburb you from??
  18. For the record, the OP by no means proved that he gave the key back to the owner of the bike. He said he gave the key to a guy who found the note and was wearing a jacket and boots.

    I'll just ignore that insult.
  19. hahah.. not on meth :)

    I live in the city and lucky for me, I work at home.
  20. Unless it's a Hyosung amirite??