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newbies multiplying!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. ll my fiance has just joined up netrider few minutes ago. (SOOZIE) she will post a hello in the right section soon.

    we started the day looking at second had mbikes, but were disgusted at the 'as new condition' pieces of junk out there, so we just walked into peter stevens and bought a new GV250 mini cruiser for her.

    cant wait to pick it up monday. so now ig et my boulevars all to myself again.....
  2. awww, very sweet
  3. 'the family that rides together' ....

    good news, and let me be the first to welcome her before she even posts :LOL:
  4. Net Rider Wedding comming up after reading her post.

    So white leather is the go I understand!

  5. Cool
    Missus n me r cruisers 2
    My missus / boss is an l plater
    Mebe see u guys around
  6. Hi people, thanks for your welcolme.

    Phil, we will see you SOON for sure, just need to get susan started on the road AFTER we go over the newbie hints and tips.

    keep in touch. safe riding.
  7. Have fun with
    New bike
  8. Awesome, enjoy!

    My better half had her own wheels, but rathered being on the (her? lol) back. To each their own I guess.
  9. my back seat is always there for her if she decides that its 'not what its cracked up to be'....but i know she will love it. its in her.

    the bike wont be wasted as my son is weeks or months away from getting his leaners so its all good.