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Newbies in Yarra Ranges

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by doozerberry, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I just discovered your site and I have to say, what a wonderful place. Full of tips and advice. My partner and I just got our L's, and we are sharing a Yamaha Virago. Just wondering if there are any riders in the area, more particularly female riders just for short cruises to begin with?


  2. Outer east Melbourne? Nah no netriders out there... :LOL:


  3. Thanks for the welcome!

    I was also wondering if there were any GLBT (or queer) motorcycling groups out this way?

  4. Don't know about groups which are that specific but really the whole point is the ride so does it matter? Netriders are a pretty unjudgemental bunch. Unless you drive a 4WD. Or are a politician. Or Ride a scooter.
  5. Thankfully we dont fit into any of those categories! As for the more specific group, its more out of interest as the PRIDE festival is on at the moment, and was wondering if there were any motorcycle specific events happening.

    Netrider has been great so far and I'm looking forward to being around here for a long time to come.
  6. doozerberry
    i get the idea you are out near warburton east /reefton?

    many riders go through that way to Warburton to Reefton to Marysville every weekend

    jump on the bike and go and have lunch at Marysville bakery on a sunday,you will meet Heap's of riders there .
  7. Actually I'm just in Lilydale... I just prefer headin away from the city, than towards it.
  8. no - I won't take that personally :twisted:

    Hi guys - I'm not too far from Lillydale & cruise the local roads fairly often
    - but usually midweek whilst everyone else is at work :p so company would be nice for a change :)
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  10. depending on the weather tomorrow morning i am going for a ride from here Thornton to marysville (36 KLM)
    Marysville to Reefton (34KLM ) to warburton ( 26 KLM )
    and back , maybe back via Warburton to healesville (34 Klm)
    to narbythong (21klm) to thornton(42klm) ,
    Healesville to Marysville is (34klm).

    ( i don't know that i would drop back into Marysville )
    If i don't do this ride tomorrow i Will definatly be doing it sunday
  11. With cousins in Mooroolbark and a brother in Warbaton, I have no choice but to head out that way a lot. Most of the time I don't even stop to visit. I'd love to share the fun. My bike's probably the only red ER-5 with a 'Netrider' numberplate frame in Melbourne so if you see it, come and say G'day. You'll recognise me, I look like I'm going fancy dress as the Blue Ranger. :LOL:
  12. Hi Joanne.
    If you end up doing the ride on Sunday, I might be up there on the Spur lurking with the camera again, so give me a wave. :)
  13. https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/view.php?cid=13

    Use the search function or scroll through the list. You will find what you are looking for.
  14. why are you still awake ?
  15. 15 more minutes to finish my anouncement post (and respond to a PM) and I won't be :)
  16. G'day Doozerberry, don't know about GLBT's, although I'm not sure about some, but you definately won't find a queerer bunch than this mob...
    welcome to the boards :p :p
  17. Hi Hayley, welcome to Netrider.
    I'm a little more outer and east of you (Warburton) although i am down your way most weekends. Look me up sometime, by the way if you see a white Beemer (red helmut) give me a wave, I'm no cop :LOL: :LOL:
  18. What is GLBT ? And why prefer to ride with gay people? (not that i care, just curious)
  19. I'm a rennaissance man. :cool:

    I know a chap who was involved with the committee of the Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers and from what I understand they are very organised and would know what (and who) was going down.
  20. I believe the traditional way to phrase the above is "And why prefer to ride with gay people?: Not that there's anything wrong with that !!"