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Newbiegirl in Melb east (Rowville) First ride update !!!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by rabbit, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm just about to enter the world of road bikes, having been a dropout trail bike rider. (just not into sliding in mud, getting bogged, getting whacked by tree branches, always being the last rider (poor tailman!) etc).

    I sold my bike a few years ago (road legal TTR 125) but keep feeling the call to ride again. So against my better judgement (Always been told that road riding was very dangerous) I've decided to switch to the dark side.

    I've had my bike licence for about 5 years now, but almost no experience riding on road. (Its actually scary to think that I could go buy a 1000cc bike)

    I'm doing a test ride on a Kawasaki GPX 250 hopefully in the next few days - seems like a good bike to start out on. I was looking at the Honda cbr 125, but was worried that I'd outgrow the 125 (no power factor) too quickly.

    I'm also looking to do a refresher riding course - saw one listed at DECA in carrum downs, but they had none scheduled :(

    Anyway, I've rambled on. This forum is a great resource - hope to meet up with some forumites on a newbie ride soon, and possibly even get a mentor !

  2. welcome to the dark side. Hope your shopping trips serve you well.

    Don't be afraid to look at some of the bigger bore bikes as a start out. Many of the newer designs are very tame for most of thier rev range, very much unlike trail bikes (where I know a 400cc can rip out your arm sockets).

    Happy to have a chat about some good models.

    Happy hunting!
  3. Welcome Rabbit.
    As mentioned do not be afraid to try a larger bike. The road bikes have a different power delivery to dirt squirters.
    Come along to a coffee night when you can, you do not even have to ride!!
    You can find a lot of information on here, you just may need to search a little. :LOL:
  4. Welcome rabit.

    road riding is vastly diferent to the MX track or Bush, you'll be disapointed quickly if you buy a 125 road bike unless it's one of the 2 stroke ring dings.

    Dont know your height/size so a bit hard to recomend bikes for you too look at, as the guys said, get along to a few events and have a chat to some of the people and sit on a few bikes.
  5. G'day rabbit.

    Come to a coffee night as suggested and meet some like minded riders. There's always plenty to socialize about and lots of info to be picked up.
  6. Welcome to NR .. :grin:
  7. Hey Welcome to NR

  8. WELCOME :grin:
    Have a friend at work who wants to sell her 98 gpx
    if your interested let me know
  9. Hi Rabbit, give the CBR125 a miss, you will be looking to upgrade too soon, probably better looking at 250 or bigger seeing you are fully licensed. Welcome to the forum neighbour. :grin:
  10. Welcome, now dont be a stranger, there's Tuesday Coffee nights in Wantirna come and say Hi!
  11. Thanks for the welcome !

    Rabbit now has a new bike :grin:

    07 GPX250. The seat height and weight were good compared to some other bikes I was looking at.

    I thought about the 600s, but figured I should start out with something tame.

    Pickup next week.

    Will try to make the coffee night in Wantirna next Tuesday.

    I will need to find a nice big carpark to practice in - the front end on a road bike is sooo heavy compared with a trail bike. Cornering is such a different feel (Not that I actually rode it around a corner - was too worried about dropping the bike!!)
  12. Congratulations on the purchase, you will be very happy.
    The carpark idea is a good one. You will soon get to know how fast the bike steers.
    You are more than welcome to come and join the racousness that is the East side coffee night :LOL:
  13. Tame? Did she say Tame!!! *queue maniacal laugh* Bwaahaaahaaahaaaahaa!

    The GPX is the doctor and jeckl of 250's! She is a bondage mistress who loves to be flogged or will lather you in bike TLC... I had one, she was my first bike love, and you know what they say about first loves... LOL

    Ok, so it doesn't quite have the power of a CBRRRRRRR250RRRR but there's enough 250 herbs above 7000rpm that you'll get moving quickly enough from a standstill and plenty enough bits and pieces put together on an entry level bike that you can take it riding through the hills and on the track and get some real satisfying cornering experiences. And it can be a mouse as well, tooling around in the 4000-6000RPM rev range around town.

    Once run in, don't be scared to rev it. Got it! Check! :grin:

    I had mine revved up to the red line in 6th down the main straight of phillip island several times and she was begging for more!

    Anywayz, congrats on your new bike!!

    By the way, some of us feel the urge to run learner friendly rides from time to time, so keep a look out!

  14. congrats on the new bike......oh btw heres a tip stay away from scumbag, he's bad news :LOL: you don't get a name like that for being a short, nice bloke who rides a duke very very well :LOL: :p

    welcome to the black stuff :wink:
  15. Hey I resemble that remark Stewy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Except maybe the one about riding a Duke very very well
  16. Wecome Rabbit
  17. G'day people,

    im also new to the road scene had a dirtbike(136cc pit pro) for a while now and recently last sat i bought a cbr250rr, im picking it up this sat coming.

    cant wait im dying to jump on it. however i am a bit nervous about the road, when i was test riding bikes on sat the shop was on a main road so u can imagine i was shaking(lol)...but i lived haha..

    a friend of mine is buyin a roadbike as well not we just hunting the perfect bike for him right now hopefully soon he be on the road 2..

    cant wait to begin and join the road bike community in melbourne!..cant wait to go cruising!
  18. YellowBandit - I know exactly what you mean about the shaking!

    My legs were visibly shaking before the test ride.

    Fortunately I also had someone to do a test ride for me to assess the bikes suitability to my skills.

    CBR250RR was one of the bikes I was looking at too. Enjoy :grin:
  19. welcome rabbit. being in rowville happy to help you out. trinity and hippo have already come for a ride with a few of us last saturday so happy to invite you for the next one. i should be going to marks next tuesday so let me know if you need a lift or an escort.
  20. welcome to NR Rabbit, from one newbie to another, enjoy your new ride :cool: