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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by motomojo, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. hey guys im new to the site but an old crew member for the sat night coffee drinkers down on fitzroy st in st.kilda used to ride a RVF400 Streetfighter with 444cc BB kit. anyz thought i would say hi n actually join up.

    so hey.
  2. Wrong thread ya Bi%ch! Move yaself to the welcome lounge/noob section.
    P.S subaru's are crap cars, get another bike!!!!! :biker:
  3. Welcome!

    Please ignore the intarweb pedantry.
    Sticking a thread in the wrong forum is no big deal.

    Got any pics of your RVF?
    They're a top little bike, I've never seen one fightered.
  4. From one newbie to another, Welcome aboard :wink: .

    Yep, i'm up for some pics too. Wife's Nephew-In-Law has just ordered one :wink: .
  5. Na mate its gone, he traded it for a crap car :LOL:
  6. Huh??? :-k

  7. Oh yeah :roll: and welcome! :grin:
  8. welcome :grin: