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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by hoffmann, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Hi gang

    I'm obviously new to this forum, new to the scooter riding fraternity, but not new to bikes. I have recently bought a Piaggio X8 250ie after 4 years on a Suzuki Across and trail bikes since I was a Kid.

    I'm looking for a bit of advice about my new bike. First mileage, if anyone has an X8 could they tell me how many Km's they are getting to a tank? I've taken mine to 280Km's and still didn't get a warning light. I'm pretty happy with this as it means I'm getting 29km's to the litre. Is this about right?

    Secondly anyone had any issues with a really squeaky back brake? Mine does and it is really annoying. It is going in for it's first service next week and no doubt they can fix it but it would be nice to know what needs to be done.

    And third what would the regular service on and X8 cost?


  2. Hey Tim,

    welcome. Jeebus mate you've really opened yourself up to a right royal ribbing given you've had both an Across and now a scoot :p Probably the two bikes people on here love to take the mickey out of, but dont worry, its all in jest.

    I cant help you with the X8 specifics, but re your squeaky rear - it happens with all disk stoppers, i'd suggest next time your out on the scoot, give the rear brake a real good hard squeeze a few times from a reasonable speed. It could just be your brakes are just bedding in, or theres a bit of dust or something under the brake pad and a bit of solid use should get rid of it. If it keeps happening then mention it when she's in for the service and they can check and adjust if necessary.

  3. Yep I knew this but for me a bike is purely a commuter and I need lots of storage. This is the reason for having the across (which I really loved and served me well for 85,000Km's) and now the scoot. I commute 50Km's each way each day and have to leave the bike at the airport every second week for a couple of days so I need space to stick my gear. Hence the X8!

    But 2 weeks on the X8 and there is no way I'm going back to commuting on a 'real' bike. No regrets.

    I have given the brakes a flogging to try and bed them in with no change. If anything the squeak is getting worse.