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Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by conord, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hey

    Was hoping someone could offer some advice. My girlfriend wants a scooter and I was hoping to get something stylish that had the look of a vespa, but without the high price tag. I am just hoping for something with 50cc.

  2. Most of the cheap scooters are generally reliable...

    Most of the cheap scooters aren't very stylish.

    It's probably best just to set a budget and then look at the scooters in ones price range.

    *Mod Edit - as Hornet pointed out we there is actually a scooter forum so I've moved the thread over there*
  3. First of all, welcome to Netrider. As haggismaen rather ironically pointed out :)P), we DO have a dedicated Scooter Forum where you may well find that answer to that question, and many others!

    And, pop your general location in your profile so we know which set of stupid state laws you come under :LOL:.
  4. Bolwell Jolie or Mio if she's small and the Bug Pronto if shes taller might be the kind of thing your looking for. Both brands are good.

    There are many others too, best to head into a few scooter shops and get your g/f to actually sit on a few so she can see which ones "fit" her best. Then test ride those on your short list, then come back and do some research on the interweb and see what people think about your couple of chosen models.
  5. Go second hand and actually get an older Vespa? (Probably $3000 will do it, though you could easily find a bargain for better - make sure you check the mechanics though). Otherwise I agree with Duffman re the Jolie or Mio. Personally, a jazzed up postie is more cool than anything! :)


    (Seriously, have you also considered a postie? I used to play around with jazzing up my postie, mostly in some sort of mod look - eg Union Jacks etc - and even strangers would compliment its looks ; it can actually be a good looking bike! It's also cheaper than anything, bullet proof, and as as any experienced rider will agree, much safer than a 50cc bike.)
  6. or get a Peugeot 50cc Ludix Snake... i work for a motorcycle company so i can hook you up with a very cheap price... What area are you in ?