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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nicka, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Hello all
    I found this forum from a cd that a friend gave me called netrider thats full of motorcycle videos and i am guessing that it come from here but anyway even if it's not related i am glad i did.

    I ride a 81 GSX1100 and look forward to checkin out the forum a bit more.


  2. welcome to NR nick
  3. Welcome to the zoo Nick :cool:
  4. Welcome nicka to the wonderful but occasionally weird world of NR :grin:
  5. Welcome Nick, hope you enjoy.
  6. Welcome, Nick. Don't take any notice of the people who say it's weird here, I've been here for nearly two years, and it hasn't affected me, affected me, affected me, affected me.......
  7. Looks like i should fit in well here :grin:

    Thanks for the warm welcome
  8. welcome from here too
  9. Hi nicka, welcome to the friendly forum :)
  10. :twisted: HeHeHe, we've got ourselves another one. :twisted:

  11. Yep, another welcome from here too :grin:
  12. & another :grin: Welcome Nick.
  13. Thanks everyone :grin:
  14. Welcome to fringe dwelling Nicka. Nice peice of classic machinery might i say.
  15. Thanks wot the

    I have just updated my sig so there should be a picture available now.
  16. Nice bike nick, welcome to the club...
  17. very noyce. Cant beat the original 4into1 system :cool:
  18. welcome nick..

    nice bike... old school... :grin:
  19. Nice bike Nick. Tell me, how many people can you sleep in that circus tent ya got on the back.

  20. Hi Nick. Welcome! You'll have to check out our multimedia section :)