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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Brayden#87, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I am Brayden :cool: i am new to this forum and don't currently own a Road bike. But because i am 17 i can't exactly buy one and ride it on the road.
    So my dad (xxsteve), we are going to look at a YZF-R6 tomorrow and are going to race it at the track next year for some fun. Coming from pocketbikes and Enduro this will be a whole new experience but i think i will get a hold of it very quick. And i am guessing its the same principle but just on a bigger scale bike. Anyway i will see how to goes.

    All i need is a bike to go!


    Brayden :wink:
  2. Hi Brayden, I met you at your place when I came down last year for the Netrider Dinner! Welcome to the forum, and I just bet you're going to have a great time learning to ride a road bike, on the track. Enjoy it and stay safe.....
  3. Arr yes i remember. I have rode my mums VTR around the block a few times and it feels great. But i can't wait to get on the track and really feel the speed.
  4. Welcome to the forums Brayden#87. Good luck with the riding.
  5. Welcome Brayden.
    hope your racing dreams come true.
    I've seen that bike 44 sale on bikepoint. If it checks out it should be a great buy.

    Wish my Dad would buy me a bike. :(
  6. Welcome mate...

    Nee.. I will buy you a bike ... :p :p
  7. Yiasoo Bray ;)
  8. Thanks guys! :cool:
  9. Both parents ride? You had no hope! Welcome Brayden ;)
  10. Yep well i got a ride now.

    1999 YZF - R6 Track bike with all the trick bits.
  11. Sweet... Congrats!

    can I have a go some time? :p
  12. welcome brayden, and good luck with the yamaha-ha-ha :p :p
  13. Welcome Brayden :grin:
  14. Welcome Brayden. Congratulation on getting your track bike. Have a blast and stay upright :grin:
  15. Thanks guys!
    Looking forward to use this site more as it has a massive amount of active users!
    :p thanks again