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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ivana, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Hi, everyone. I got my learners in June and bought myself a honda cbr250r. I haven't been out on the roads as yet coz I'm too scared to ride out there on my own. Is there anyone that would come riding with me, so that I can follow and gain confidence[/quote]

  2. Hi ivana. welcome to NR.

    may i ask where abouts viewbank is?
    im trying to get my friend to start riding, could possibly set up a double lesson.
  3. [/QUOTE]View Bank, is near greensborough, macleod, rosanna, heidelberg.
  4. Well, Ivana, welcome to motorcycling, and to Netrider, motorcycling's true headquarters. Someone's going to mentor Ivana, surely :grin:
  5. welcome ivana... from what i see there is lots of riders in Vic on here so am sure someone will step up an give you a hand :)
  6. Hi Ivana, Im sure there would be someone over your side of town who could give you a hand. If not gimme a yell and ill cruise over. Just dont ask Loz. :LOL:
  7. View bank, I lived there for about 11 years, nice suburb.
  8. Hi and welcome Ivana.

    I've only been riding since July and just got my restricted license but happy to give you some pointers and get you on the roads.

    I'll PM you my details in a sec.
  9. Welcome :grin:
  10. Thanx everyone for welcoming me and your support. :)
  11. Welcome to the boards, there is also a learners ride happening, on the 26th Oct, if you are interested in coming along to that as well.

    seeya on the road

    cheers stewy
  12. what about me... give me some pointers as well...
  13. I can teach you how to drop your bike!! :p
  14. Welcome Ivana, netrider is a great place and I'm sure you will be able to find a mentor, just keep us posted about all your riding stories. :)
  15. Hi and welcome Ivana,

    You'll be on the roads in no time. When I started I had a friend riding behind - keeping cars off my rear. I was able to go at my own pace and not worry about tailgaiters. Maybe this will help when you find a mentor. Im.on.it is a good rider - he'll be able to help you. It's all about practice and building your confidence.

    All you need is here at Netrider :grin: :grin:

  16. Heloo and welcome to the forums...
  17. Welcome Ivana - hope you get out there soon, it's a great lifestyle.
  18. Welcome Ivana to the motorcycle mad house
    as jen said
    All you need is here at Netrider
    very true
    there ia a wealth of knowledge and experence here mentors twistie specialists track racers newbes etc etc dont be afraid to ask
    as stewy said "there is also a learners ride happening, on the 26th Oct, "
    if u r unsure of riding on the road some one could follow you to the ride if you wish to go
    anyway enough waffle
    see you out there
  19. Hi Stewy,

    Where is the learners ride happening and what time on Sat.

    Hopefully not early coz I hate mornings.

  20. Heres the thread about the learner ride......has details of leaving time, route etc... but yeah it's out in south gippy and starts around 10.30 i think.

    As for the morning yep i know what you mean, they are hard to get for thats why i never make the early rides :LOL: