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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fryboy, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just got my Ls a week before I pissed off to Army boot camp (I'm in the Reserves). I've come back and immediately started looking for a bike to buy. A mate here at work is a member so I signed up - good to meet people, have a chat and learn some things.

    I'm in Melbourne, keen to go on group rides etc and those geek nights don't look too bad either :)

  2. Welcome - congrats on your L's - hope you enjoy.
  3. Welcome to the forum fryboy.
  4. well fryboy good times lie ahead, do you know what type of bike you are looking at?
  5. A 250, obviously. I'm pretty keen on a CBR250R(R) or VTR250 :)
  6. Welcome fry, I'll refrain from making jokes about oriental aviators. There's heaps of info here for nay rider of any standard, and lots of boys and girls who've recently trod the same path as you.....
  7. Welcome and enjoy your stay :)
  8. I've heard em all before :p

    Thanks for the welcome, guys.
  9. Welcome fryboy.....
  10. Welcome to the forums fryboy.
    I think Booga is selling his CBR, send him a PM :)
  11. Welcome Fryboy
  12. Welcome fry... :grin:
  13. thats exactly what i was just thinking...
    welcome fryboy