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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Breno, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. ello ello ello netriders.

    just found this site searching through google and seems like a good place for bike enthusiasts so thought id sign up.

    just alittle bit about myself,
    im a 20 year old male, full time rider (no car license) and am currently on a yamaha virago 250, before you shit can me for it id just like to say my previous bike was a yamaha TZR250. quite a nice little example untill some maniac in a cage forgot it had mirrors and decided to Uturn into me. tisk tisk. so i got the virago cheap off a mate as a recovery bike and am now off my license restrictions and heading down to the local yammy dealership to organise the purchase of a brand new R6. cant wait.

    looking forward to hopefully fitting in and maybe hooking up with some other people for ride days or something.

    and thats about it.

    - Bren

  2. Gday, welcome, please enjoy ;)
  3. mmmmTZR250 Yamaha, I love the smell of two-stroke, at ANY time of the day.

    Welcome to the friendly forum, Bren.

    You may have a few extra friends after you buy your R6, just wanting to look, you understand :LOL:

    Out of curiosity, what are the insurance premiums for an R6 with a 20 year old rider???
  4. Welcome mate :grin: - you even got a personal welcome from Vic :shock: I didnt even get that :cry:
    Meh - anyways - enjoy the forum :beer:
  5. oh please dont make me think of the insurance. please. not only 20 year old rider but 20 year old rider on the one point scheme. ready or not finance! here i come!

    (when i find out about insuarance ill tell ya)

    and about the TZR, that bike was off its head. a little $1200 2stroke that showed riceburners what a bunch of wanks they were lol.
  6. Hey I won't knock you for the Virago...if I wasn't offered a friends ZZR that's what I'd be gettin...cuz I'm little...and weak...and virago's are light...and I can lift them *blushes*

    Anyway, hi! :) I won't say welcome because that sounds like i've been here for ages, and, well...I just haven't!

    So Hi! :)
  7. :LOL: :LOL:

    BTW, welcome to the forums Breno and Peeahh, a friendly bunch with lots of advice (welcome or not :) ) and info available to you.
  8. Hey Breno, welcome to the forum and good luck with the R6.

  9. hey cruise...got ne pics of that 04 r6? o_O

    EDIT: just seen it in your other post, one beautifull bike. so torn as whther to go brand spanking or second hand.

    oh and thank you everyone for the warm welcome
  10. Welcome and enjoy the forum. :cool:
  11. Hi Breno and welcome to the forum.

    :woot: :biker:

    Good luck with the insurance (don't forget to shop around)
  12. welcomez!
  13. from one newbie to the next welcome :grin:
  14. G'day Breno, welcome to the forums.

    One thing to consider on the new or secondhand decision is how long (realistically) do you see yourself having the bike. If it's what you want and you're sure that you'd be happy with her then buy new, it's worth it. If there's doubt and you like another bike or would consider upgrading or changing in a year or so, then think about secondhand.

    My two cents :grin:

    Hope you enjoy the forums, safe riding.

    Firestorm. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Gday mate welcome to the forums

    Cheers :cool:
  16. Better than an under 25 on a 1000cc...

    I was looking at Ducati's ST3 for my next bike, and I too cringed to think of the insurance.

    Good thing I decided to stick with Banshee a bit longer! :LOL:

    Seriously, shop around for your bike insurance. My bf had trouble with Swann when he had his accident, and they're not the only people who do bike insurance.

    Oh yeah, I forgot the "welcome" :p

    Welcome to the forum.
  17. Hi Bren & welcome.
  18. Welcome Breno -hope you enjoy the experience.