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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffrey Johnson, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. I am leaving things a bit late! I used to ride on the road about 25 years ago never end bothered to get a licence, now I have booked in for learners in Geelong on the 14th. I have seriously been thinking of buying a Yamaha MT 07? So if anyone can shed any light on these would be great have paid deposit, looking at riding to Melbourne from Geelong when confident enough. Looking at doing some defensive courses later on after I get my licence, and i am really looking forward to getting on a bike a going for a ride.

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    From what I hear the MT07's are a great bike. Although you may want to take some advice from someone that has actually ridden one.

    The ride from Geelong to Melbourne... Freeway can be pretty monotonous and boring. Hour you enjoy it more than I do.

    Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around.
  3. welcome aboard JJ :]
  4. At the moment I train it have done for the last 6 years so over it!
  5. Thanks there is so much info great site!
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    Welcome JEFF,
    A bike certainly beats the train but the Geelong ride is pretty bland.
    Mix it up when you can, if you have time, by doing Williamstown to Altona, and Werribee to Anakie.
  7. Welcome to the forum mate!
  8. Welcome to NR Jeff...

    The Geelong to Melbourne run is pretty flat and straight, and for most people on the forum doesn't have enough variety (twisties, hils etc) and would be boring.

    I don't mind it to be honest, I ride from Werribee to the City every day for work and it doesn't bother me. I just love riding.

    Having said that, would you be riding to Melbourne on a weekend for a squirt or would you be riding to work on a daily basis?

    If its just for a bit of an adventure then there are a few different routes to take as Stever42Stever42 mentioned.

    Here is a few reviews from S1L3NTS1L3NT & aadmmaadmm that you might find handy;

    Yamaha MT-07 - First Bike! by S1L3NT

    Yamaha MT-07 by aadmm

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