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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by nakedladyrider, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone! I am a 42 year young lady who decided to get a Licence to ride before our recent trip to Cambodia, thinking it would make getting travel insurance for hiring a bike easier. well that was a fail. BUT, lo and behold.......Riding is AWESOME!
    So hubby bought me my little bulletproof VTR250 and 5000km in just over 5 months speaks for itself. Still on my "L" plates but looking towards doing my "P"s early this year and considering upgrading to the Suzuki Gladius shortly. Sad to see the VTR go but i know shes going to a good home as my 62yo mum is getting back in the saddle after a 20 yr hiatus. Rock on Mum!
    So now i have Mum n Dad (vfr900) Hubby (gsx1400), Brother in law (gsx650) Sister in law (zxr250) all toodling around the Blue Mountains in NSW...what a great way to spend time as a family!
    The forums and learners hints are all fantastic and its nice to feel a part of the gang on Netrider!
    Just a side note......we have been talking about the concept of a new licence class ..."RR" for "returning rider", this would cover people who are coming back to the saddle (like my parents)later in life. It can be quite daunting for "RR"s on todays roads (they werent so hectic "back in the day") the idea being to let other drivers know that they're not learners but may be a little rusty........
    What do others think about this?

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  2. Hi and welcome....
    My riding family consists of myself and my other half. None of my family ride and I don't think they have even been on a motorbike! I am a mature rider but not an RR. Been having a ball. Only have 7200km under my belt, am on my Ps which I get rid of this September. Woo Hoo......
  3. Howdy & Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome to the forum - RR plates not a bad idea at all.
  5. Welcome nakedladyridernakedladyrider! With a possible trip there this year - would love to hear about your experiences in Cambodia.
  6. Thats awesome! Its great to have found a new common interest with the "other half"! My family are a bit strange like that......Mum took up riding at 35 and i remember thinking "But shes too old for that!" bahahah! How wrong can u be!
  7. Welcome, My riding family is myself and my brother who can never seem to keep a bike on the road for more than a month before it breaks down or something. :( My grandfather was a biker, Mum and Dad very anti bike so you are lucky to have a supportive family around motorcycling.

    Returning riders are becoming more common and are sadly over represented in accident statistics. Many come in thinking their skills and road awareness are the same as they were 20 years prior so often come a cropper. And I know from experience old bones don't heal as quick as when you were 18 and you don't bounce anywhere near as well. :)
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  8. hi damedi!
    What can i help you with? Are you considering a riding tour of Cambodia or just getting there and riding bits n pieces? We were there in November and i can say that it is one of the most interesting Asian countries i have ever been too. Its a beautiful place and the people are wonderful...... The roads are okay, the traffic is madness and road rules fairly non existant! id be more than happy to help if i can!
  9. yes i am very fortunate not only to have their support but also the joy of sharing the experience! Theres 2 camps, "Youre Crazy" or "Good on you" .i just figure i am crazy, so yeah, good on me! and good on you as its hard to fight the pessimists! I have a younger female friend who has wanted to ride for years but feels the wrath of the family will be too mighty if she goes ahead with her dream.....Now thats Crazy!!!
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  10. hi and welcome....
    so you want car drivers to also have RR plates ?
    how is it going to be decided, 12 mths off a bike 5 years, what is older riders 30 40 50 70 ?
    one would think that older riders that have not ridden for 5 or 10 years would have the brains to know that things have change also bikes have changed.
    Maybe what older riders should do is go see the doc and see if they are fit enough to ride again.
    We do not need more restrictions on riding bikes.
  11. yes thats true too.i was looking at it more from a riders perspective.......i have found that L plates keep drivers away from me, giving a bit of breathing room. there would be no "rules" as such...it would just be like having "baby on board" sign. anything that makes being on the road safer should be up for consideration.
    of course older riders have brains.......its just a matter of getting back into the groove!
  12. Hi there, and welcome nakedladyrider.

    The user name, obviously, works wrt getting attention...... if only the avatar was more, shall we say, enlightening.

    The big family biking group sounds really good..... so long as you don't all ride together to Q'land. ;-)

    As for the RR business, yeah, it is a problem that does concern me.

    Folk who got their bike licence back in the '60's or '70's, rode wee Honda step-thru machines to NSW Uni, never ever had a big bike, then, when the kids have grown up and run away from home, they go berserk and buy "dog's dick" squillion kph motorcycles, basically because they can...... yup, they are a worry.

    I don't think there is a simple answer, although it might help if returning bike riders were allowed, not forced, to go through the pre-learners and MOST business.
  13. 795, member: 43883"]Welcome nakedladyridernakedladyrider! With a possible trip there this year - would love to hear about your experiences in Cambodia.[/QUOTE]ii
  14. CrazyCam, it is concerning, and yes thats a great idea! i dont know why that isnt an option.....surely the rms would love it too, more money for them!
  15. Actually, in NSW, the state government does, or certainly used to, subsidise the pre-learners and MOST business, so it would actually cost them money..... :-(

    There is, AFAIK, only one way for a fully licenced rider to do the pre-learners, and that is to be going though the "stuff" for an instructor's licence.... step one of which is doing the pre-learners. ;-)
  16. Sorry do you think that a " baby on board " sign in a car makes any difference, not to the drink driver nor the speed freak.
    You are right people do give you more room if you have L's on car or bike, the reason being is that they think that you are going to do some thing stupid.
    If you have been ridding for say 10 years then stop for A reason then go back to it in 10 years then in a day you should be back in the Groove, it is then a matter of building up your body strength and getting back your mind set for ridding, as they say it is just like ridding a bike, you do not forget.
    Yes you do have to update your skills, ie: better brakes, faster throttle response on bikes now.
    Are you saying that some body that stops driving a car for the same time should have to have RR plates because they have not been driving for so long ?
    Or is that bikes are dangerous ? And once again we are different and need to be save from our self's...
    This is not a go at you....
    But we as bike riders do have enough people telling us what is good for us..................
  17. You think that it is a good idea, and how meany returning riders do you think will do it, just about none and CrazyCam is wrong not all returning riders had small bikes, it sounds to me that you might be piss off because they now have the money to by that big bike.
    Why not have for the ones that speed all the time and get court a restrictor put on there bikes so that they can only go 80kph max because they are going to kill them self's or some body else AND we have to save them from them self's.
  18. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  19. Your own group ride without leaving the front gate! Awesome!! Welcome....:p
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  20. If you were to read my comment carefully, I did not say that all returning riders had small bikes.

    As for how many returning riders might choose to do the learners' courses, I dunno.....
    some of the smart ones, I'd hope.

    I got my bike licence, in the UK, some 50 years ago, so I know how little training was available back then.

    When I came to Oz, the RTA "dropped off" my bike licence, only giving me a car licence, so, in 1976 or 77, I had to go through the bike test again, and, again, there was bugger all training.

    The current pre-learner course, in NSW, while by no means perfect, was and is a great leap forward from bugger all.

    I've been a member of the Ulysses Club for 20 years, and it still amazes me to see some folk riding motorcycles so badly that they really need to do the pre-learner course.

    You ask, "why not....", well the simple answer is that you can kill yourself, and/or others at 80 kph, or 60 kph, or even 40 kph.