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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by makemeaddicted, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. I'm new to the riding scene. Just recently bought a Honda CBR300r and have been riding for approximately 5 weeks now. Just got my absolutely incredible Yoshi for Christmas! Looking to meet people with like minded interests, all of my female friends aren't into Motorbikes so I'm finding it a bit hard to express my happiness... to the mirror only. I'm still learning how to use netrider too, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  2. Welcome, get ready for the White Knights to come along and offer you riding advice any time soon.
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  3. Sounds like exactly what I need =]
  4. Please apply the common sense filter when you read it!
  5. Welcome along, though. Enjoy your bike and all the fun
  6. Yes enjoy the bike and NR have you oiled the chain brigade.
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  7. Welcome to NR..
  8. Hey there ! Whats Cracking ? when we going for a ride?
  9. When you fix your bike! Haha maybe at the sale you can buy a new chain
  10. hey r6 dude , you got a sore finger?
  11. lol
  12. Bike is still running punk!
  13. Hello and welcome to NR :) You've got very nice bike, congrats on fantastic xmas present too.
    I'm in the same boat, majority of my friends can't understand my passion for motorcycles, so joining NR was like homecoming! You are in the best place for good honest advice, help and making new friends (and undoubtedly few White Knights) amongst like-minded people
  14. Welcome aboard. You've picked some great weather to get started in!
  15. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction!

    So glad the bug also bit my wife- was phoning her on my mobile yesterday when a Ducati happen to ride past. I stopped talking (naturally) to admire and ogle the 848. Anybody else would have thought it really strange - she just laughed and asked me if it was a Ducati that had passed by! How do you explain that to a non biker!
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  16. welcome aboard :]
  17. how do you explain that you stop and turn your head for a ducati to actual bike riders?? :p
  18. Easy! It depends on how neat the rider looks.

    Welcome makemeaddicted.
  19. Welcome to NR,

    Must say very nice present to get! Yoshi sound great and suit your new bike perfectly.

    Don't worry about the family, friends etc that whinge and don't understand why on erath you would want a motorbike?! WE UNDERSTAND YOU :)