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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Skinny Face Girl, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hi I'm new here, and would love to meet up others and find out what's going on.

    I ride a triumph sprint rs and live in Berwick Victoria.

    Be great to hear from anyone in my area. My husband, The goose, rides a Honda firestorm.


  2. Welcome to NR. (y)

    You got some nice bikes in the garage! :)
  3. Welcome! I'll be moving back to Narre in a month so I'll be pretty close to Berwick :)
  4. Hi Candi and welcome to Netrider. Streetmaster will be along shortly, no doubt. Do you call your husband a "goose" because he rides a firestorm, or is that his nickname?
  5. Welcome!

    Or is he, indeed, a goose? No that can't be right, how could a goose reach the pedals?
  6. Welcome Candi :)

    Well at least you can be sure of getting better fuel consumption that he does :LOL:.
  7. Welcome to NR Candi :). Plenty of east siders out there who organise ride days or come join them at some of the weekly meets.
  8. Hi Candi, welcome to you and your husband. I am in Narre South, I am only new to the world of motorcycles but love it. You guys should get up to Saturday morning practice. Good place to meet other members. :biker:.
  9. Hey Candi, Welcome :)
  10. Welcome to Netrider Candi....

    there are a few of us out your way :)
  11. psst!!!!

    Hey Candi .. it's pronounced Beigewick ... and welcome from another Beigewickian...
  12. Its not my turn guys
  13. Hey candi welcome to netrider
  14. Hi Candi, and welcome to NR.

    Second the post to get to Saturday practice if you want to meet people. Not just for learners btw, so head down.

    I'm just up the road a bit.
  15. Welcome to the NutHouse :D !!!

    and on behalf of all the shy guys ** coff **

    Are you Hot ??
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  16. Haha, what she said!
  17. Lol it was kits turn,
    It sounds A LOT better coming from kitt.
  18. What the bloody hell do you mean
    Oh, Shit, I am here ](*,)

    Hi anyway Candi & welcome to Netrider :D
  19. Im thinking its a mad max refrence..