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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Luna, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    I thought I might introduce myself as I have been reading the forum for a few months now. I got my licence a month ago and bought a new TU250. Love the bike and love riding.

    I live in Leichhardt (Sydney) so not too many quiet streets to practice in but I have found a car park near home which has been brilliant for practicing my hill starts, tight corner and emergency stops which I have been doing as often as possible. Much more confident now to take on traffic but I'm taking it slow and steady.

    All the tips for beginners on here are really helpful and I'm looking forward to getting enough courage to venture over to Homebush for a Saturday morning session.

    Thanks guys

    Luna (aka Heidi)
  2. Welcome to NR!
  3. Gday Luna,
    mate welcome to NR. I m certain u will get a lot of help in ere,S 24S i am on my Ls aswell. this forum is very helpful. see you sometime on da road..i ride an Aprilia RS 125.
    good luck with ya new ride.

  4. Welcome Luna :)
  5. welcome, practice is worthwhile. Something me and a friend did to help was mark out the distances for the cone weave, u turn etc with spray paint so we knew where to put the cones so we did not have to keep measuring everytime we practiced.
  6. Welcome to NR. Ride Safe. (y)
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    Great tip but I think the function centre which owns of car park might have something to say about that though 8-[ I'm not really skilled enough to make a quick get away at the moment if I get caught. hehe
  8. welcome Luna, hook up with the learner rides and meets up there in the WET n WINDY city, shame you arent in sunny Melb [well for today anyway lol]
    Enjoy the ride :) smiles for miles!!
  9. Thanks Goddie, normally I would argue with your sydney/melbourne comparison but I flew into Melbourne and travelled throughout SW Victoria today and it was stunning. As I was chewing up the miles in my hire car my mind was full of daydreams of riding through the rural backroads on a bike ... smiles for miles for sure!!
  10. G'day Luna, welcome to the fraternity.

    It's amazing how much you learn, how quickly, when you love doing the study and the prac.
  11. There's heaps of quiet(ish) streets around Leichhardt! Getting to them might require some traffic though...
  12. and when you feel confident enough there's the sunday learner practise sessions down at homebush as well.
  13. Welcome to NR Luna....

    Definitely hit up the Learner sessions on the NSW side of the divide and practice practice practice.

    Be safe and have fun (y)
  14. Thanks for the further welcome messages. How are you all so friendly?

    Can't wait to get to the practice sessions out at homebush. My little tu250 sounds like a lawn mower and doesn't seem to have much grunt but sure is a great toy.

    It's funny, after driving a car for about 15 years I completely forgot how inconsiderate people are when they see an L plate. I had one total nuffy overtake me in the parking lane as I was going 45km/h in a 50 zone approaching a speed hump! After initially getting angry I realised that he was the one stuck in a car and I was riding a bike with a giant cheshire cat grin on my face. Oh well, fools aren't going to spoil my fun (or put me off).
  15. You can get to homebush without using too many major roads if you go through the back of five dock. Leave Parramatta road right out of it.