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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by horus, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all! I've been looking at the forums as a guest and thought that it was about time to join. All looks good from outside, hope it is even better now that I've ventured inside. I'm a mature aged rider, started out on trail bikes way back when and progressed years ago to road bikes. Current ride is a Yamaharley XVS1100 (which is my second bike after a 10 year break).

  2. Welcome to NR, Horus of Egypt. :D

    Nice bike you got there. I got a V-Star 650 till my Restrictions are over.
  3. Welcome, oh Egyptian god of war :).
  4. All looks good from the outside? Better look a bit harder then LOL. Whereabouts you from?

    Welcome to the forummm.
  5. welcome to the nuthouse!
  6. Hey Horus, welcome in!

  7. Welcome along Horus. Come in and join the fun.
  8. Welcome to NR Horus, good to see another crusier rider ;)
  9. Welcome to NR Horus
  10. welcome to NR..

  11. Many thanks for the kind welcomes and sorry for the late reply, as I've been having trouble logging in again since the intial post. Thanks to the Mods for sorting this out for me!

    Horus of Egypt? Um, no. More like Horus of Mt Druitt lol
  12. Welcome to the forum, now that you have joined, we need pics of your bike!
  13. OK, let's see if this works. Here's the beast (hopefully):

    Attached Files:

  14. awesome! lots to polish there!
  15. Love it.....love everything about it - classic big bore V-twin...mmmmwwahahahaha!

    <cough> oh yeah....welcome to NR </cough>

  16. Welcome to NR.

    But unless you are over 100 you dont satisfy my requirement to be defined as "mature" :D