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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rich6270, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Just popping in to say hi,am a experienced rider with about 35yrs of moto-x and road.
    Have a CBR900RR,96 frame,97 front with 98 rear and cosmetics which i have ridden for the past 10yrs until i was taken out by a not so sharp "P" plater that thought drifting in the wet was fun until he T-boned me while traveling to work.
    Am missing my bike very much which is why im hear.
    My bike is now on my back varandah pulled down which reminds me every day.
    Need desperately a set of forks or frame and forks which can be registered as my frame number is written off.
    Can apply to RTA to get my frame reinstated as only forks and 4-into 1,s are damaged along with cosmetiscs,apart from that there is nothing wrong with it though am guessing this would be costly,even front wheel is still inflated and totally usable,Honda builds em tough.
    Please Help,

  2. Hi Rich and welcome. What part of Australia do you come from, I assume NSW since you talk about the RTA? It will help people if they have suggestions on obtaining your replacement frame. Have you tried http://www.motorcyclewreckers.com/ in Silverwater. They are dismantling a 97 (H41) frame at the moment.
  3. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your reply,am from NSW (Sydney) and am about 30min from silverwater so will give them a buzz.
    Not sure as yet how much it will cost to reinstate my frame though guessing this wouldnt be cheap.
    Will probably sell my frame to someone doing a track bike project as this frame has nothing wrong with it,have measured for twists and kinks and based on the knowledge that my front wheel is still inflated and rotates without any sign of buckel after the accident which is amazing giving the fact that the impact nearly sheared off the left hand side fork stem and the other didnt look to crash hot either.
    Thanks so much for the info,will contact Silverwater to see what they have got.
    Also was told that a 2002 CBR600RR fork setup fits the 97 900 which does away with the 16inch front wheel as the 600 has the 17inch,dont know if this is true as yet,will ask silverwater this question and post the result or maybe yourself or someone in the forum can verify this though am pretty happy with the 16inch.
    Best Regards,
  4. No idea how to answer your question, but welcome in anyhow.