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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dekkar, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Just saying Hi..... Going for my Ls at Clyde in a few weeks.... Never ridden before.... The whole thing is a bit daunting, but I really do want to ride a bike.!!

    Im thinking of what to get as a first bike..... lots of options..... lots of confusion for a beginner!
  2. That part of your post sums it up really. You've been bitten.

    Welcome to the forum, come in, take a look around.

    Plenty of good advice here for your first bike choice. A few things to consider: New/old? Size? Brand? Commuting/distance/off-road?

    Go to the New Rider and Bike Review sections. Check the stickies in those sections. And don't forget the search options.

    Enjoy the ride.
  3. We've all been there before. In some respects the very start is the most exciting since everything's new, and even a cheap 250 feels insanely fast.

    Welcome to the 2-wheeled world.
  4. Thx guys.... I dont really have the desire to ride super fast or anything, and I do plan to commute down Victoria Rd every day for work.....

    From what Ive read around here, it looks like the Honda Vtr250 is the bike to get if you are a learner... so this is probably what Im gonna get.

    One question I did have, how do you guys combat the heat when riding? The idea of helmet/jacket/gloves combo makes me melt just thinking about it.....

    Is there a specific helmet that is considered a summer helmet? minus the bugs in the face?

    I probably wouldnt want to ride in just a t-shirt etc etc, as its not worth the risk.....

  5. Your head isn't too bad when it comes to the heat. It's the rest of your body that gets hot. When you're moving the wind keeps you cooler than standing still. Sitting in traffic and/or at traffic lights in the heat of summer is killer though. Wet your T shirt and put your jacket over the top helps. And drink loads :)

    Commuting to work in the early morning winter is just as much killer as the heat. Icey...
  6. If you like the naked look it's a good choice. If you don't mind plastic bodywork, or prefer it, the Kawasaki GPX/Ninja/ZZR 250 is also worth a look. And now that Victoria has LAMS you should also have a look at the Suzuki GS500/500F.

    Heat isn't much of an issue if you can keep moving, part of the reason why so many riders choose to filter between stopped cars at a set of lights. In terms of summer helmets I personally just go with an open visor on a full face and a pair of sunnies.
  7. Welcome! Don't spend too much time agonising over which bike to get as your first one... It's likely to only be yours for a couple of years anyway as your skills increase, and you start to get a feel for what you actually like.

    This forum has heaps of great threads for newbies to read up on.. Enjoy!
  8. welcome to NR. You may not want to go fast now, but it doesn't take long ;)

    You can get a summer jacket which helps. Mine is really good, air flows straight through it when moving. As stated tho, not nice when you are standing still.
  9. Maybe a three-in-one jacket the outer shell of which has good air flow. And then you can add a rain jacket lining inside. And a warm lining for winter. Works for me.
  10. good idea Hoski, I might head down to the shops this weekend and see if I can get anything on the cheap ;)
  11. Welcome to NR :D

    The GS500 is also a great Learner's bike ;)
  12. G'day and welcome to NR :)