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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nequam, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. G'day folks, new guy/rider here from SA. Been lurking around these forums for a short while and thought I'd finally better get off my butt and post! lol

  2. Hey nequam,
    Welcome to Netrider dude.
  3. Hi Nequam. Delurking can be fun. Tell us something about yourself and your ride.


    PS Welcome to the forum
  4. Tell you something... hmm... okay, let's see...

    I'm in my early 30's, and living in the south east of SA.
    In my late teens I rode an old Honda CB 125 around the pines and quarries, but never bothered to go past my L's.
    Over time cash flow, and life in general, got in the way of riding, and for the past 10 or so years I haven't touched a bike. (The old Honda is still sitting in pieces in a relatives shed presently, it'll end up a resto project at some stage I hope).
    Recently I've found myself with a lot of spare time again (not to mention all the solo traveling I've been doing in a car) and the interest in riding a bike has come back with a vengeance. So now I'm in the process of going for my L's again, and this time intend to go through to a full license.
    And after much ummmm-ing and ahhhh-ing along with a couple of test rides (friends bikes in a car park, and lucky I didn't get pinged lol), I've just purchased a new Kawasaki Ninja 650 (lams version) which shall be arriving soon. There may be better bikes, and there may be cheaper bikes, but that bike in particular is just "me". :)

    That enough of an intro for you? lol
  5. Welcome mate. The bike thats "you" is the one that'll give you the biggest grin everytime you get on it (y)

  6. Welcome mate
  7. ho ho. welcome