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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by TheRed, May 2, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    New member here. Lurked for a little while reading some of the threads, just have my Ls booked in for now so figured it was time to make an account to soak up advice!

    Was wondering if I should make a thread in the New Riders forum re: pre-Learner training - at present I've yet to ride a motorbike at all, and don't really want to fail a Learners test ;p. Is there any avenue for training, pre-Learners, in Melbourne?

    - TheRed
  2. HART gives you the option of a two day course with the test at the end of the last day...but they have you on the bike by smoko the first day.
    they are very good instructors and the course exceeds the mandatory set curriculum (sp) to obtain your L's.
    if you are not ready they won't pass you... and that's a good thing.

    as someone wiser than most posted here recently, obtaining your licence is just the beginning of learning.
  3. I did the 2 day Learners course at HART and went from basically nothing (I'd ridden one bike for half an hour in a bunnings carpark prior to going to HART) and came out feeling confident that I could _start_ to learn riding on the roads with traffic.

    If you've booked a 2 day Ls course then you will be fine. All you need to do is jump on your old pushy if you get a chance as a refresher on balance, particularly at low speed.

    How about you give us the details of the Ls course that you have booked?

    I'm not aware of any formal pre-learner training; AFAIK it all seems to be a mate's bike in a big, empty carpark.
  4. Hi from one newb to another newb!

    When/where are you booked to do your prelearner course?

    The main advice I've been given to practise before the course is learning good balance on a push bike and really slow speed.
  5. I'm doing it at HART, booked in for the 2 day learners. I wouldn't want to be passed if I wasn't ready - but I'm aiming to be as ready as possible, hence the query! Trying to go for a short ride on the push bike every day at the moment, will try to focus on low speed. :)

    I only drive an auto as well so it'll be a case of learning manual, too. I figure that may be one of my biggest hurdles.
  6. FWIW - the only folk that had trouble with the 2 day HART course in St Ives were those that had never driven a manual gearbox before, and didn't really understand what they were trying to achieve with the clutch and gear changes.
  7. Haha, well I'll try to take in as much info as I can surrounding driving/riding manual before the course then! Have about a week or so to prep. Thanks for the replies!
  8. welcome in mate :)
  9. Hiya - welcome!!! :)
    Lots of great advice & tips in the new riders forum, , also check out Sat. morning training for L platers and mentoring.
    For pre-learners courses in/around Melb there's DECA, Stay Upright & HART.
  10. Welcome:

    Good to hear a "sensible head", wanting to learn and be prepared.

    Others have said, once you realise what you are trying to do with the
    clutch and gearbox it will come.

  11. Welcome to Netrider.
    Good luck with your test and the guy's at Hart will have experience with teaching newbies how to use the clutch, gears etc. You will be learning from the best so listen to them and just get your confidence level up. Good luck and enjoy the ride..........
  12. Welcome to NR!

    I was in similar boat to you when I went for my L's about 6 months ago. Had no experience on the motorcycle and have never driven manual in my life before. I haven't even ridden a pushbike since I was a little boy.

    Just pay attention when the instructors are talking about the 'friction zone', once you get that then you will have no problem operating the clutch

    Good advice on practicing balance and slow speed on a pushbike

    Other than that just try to relax and have fun!
  13. Thanks for the welcome and advice. :)

    Will let you guys know how it goes, not too far away now at all. Just hoping it doesn't wind up raining on the day.
  14. rain is nothing to worry about
  15. Hi and welcome to NR

    Good luck with the L's. Most of the places that do L training assume no prior knowledge so you should be fine.
  16. Welcome TheRed ! Enjoy the forums and good luck with your L's :)
  17. Got them. :)
  18. Welcome aboard!

    Where are you located?

    I was in a similar situation to you, so I booked myself in for a couple of courses at DECA training before I went for my L-plates. For me it was vital to practice in a safe and friendly environment as you don't get a second chance on the road.

    These forums are a fantastic way to learn to chat to others who have been there and done that.
  19. Welcome mate. Hope you get all your answers and may all your fantasies come true!

    Yep. we are all a wee bit unhinged!