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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Riderman, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Hi everybody

    I'm new to the motorcycle scene, have just picked up a bike last week, and just begun to ride on quiet streets.

    Looking forward to sharing experiences with you guys in the future!
  2. welcome too the boards, am sure you will find a few event in your area, btw are you going to share any details??? location, bike type, a pics always welcome
  3. .....And don't forget to ask questions (there aren't really any dumb ones).......you should see some of the ones I asked on here when I was learning......hmmm ok there are dumb ones then ;)

  4. Welcome. It DOES help to know your general location (unless you're in the Witness Protection Programme) :LOL:.
  5. welcome bud, what bike?? ask about nodding questions, seems to be the flavour of the century
  6. Yeah just what is nodding about then? :bolt:
  7. G'day and welcome to the forums. :biker: What kind of bike did you pick up?
  8. Sorry i didn't go into too much detail in original post
    I picked up an 05 Honda VTR 250

    Awesome bike, very easy to turn and handle, although I've just come home from 3rd session with it, and I was on a bigger road doing 60-70 downhill/uphill and curves and the cross wind made it quite scary at times - i could feel the bike wobble slightly. I just tried to ignore the wind and kept focusing on what was ahead.

    There is a lot of wind noise once I go faster than 60kph, is that due to the upright stance of the bike, or my helmet's design? It's an Rjays SP2
  9. wear ear moulds mate