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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fjr phil, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. g,day all
    i have joined to hopefully get some like minded people to ride with
    I live in western sydney and mostly ride weeeknds and lots of early rides sunday mornings..
    i am currently riding an 08 fjr 1300 and have put around 13,000k,s this year so far..
    is there someway i can find ride days or group rides easily on here..
    if only this rotten computer was as easy to handle as the trusty fjr ](*,)
    cheers all phil

  2. gday Phil, welcome to the boards mate, 13,000k's in 1 year is a pretty good effort on a bike, good on ya..
    regarding ride days, keep your eye out on these threads

    Ride and Event Announcements
    Sub-Forums: VIC, NSW, QLD, Other States <--- obviously u go to NSW..

    or here..

    Ride / Event Planner
    A place to gather expressions of interest (EOI) and to plan upcoming rides and events.

    cheers mate
  3. welcome to NR, i know nothing about your bike or sydney except you have one way streets everywhere or something...

  4. Welcome Aboard !
  5. Welcome, Phil :)
  6. they musta improved the fj....chuckles mines very interesting, but that could be cos i m lazy.