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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Noss Sarge, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Hi all Im just getting back into riding after a long break 15 years or so my last bike was a 250 now I have a 1300 cc Busa 08 and would love to go on some rides whenever the weather is ok lol.
    Yeah so don't be shy say hi I'm friendly enough;)

    P.S bit of an update on my riding history I grew up in Tassie so I did my apprenticeship, started riding when I was 9 years old peewee80 don't laugh...;)
    and then got my licence at 16 and rode everywhere for around 4 years or so and I lived in the mountains so it was hill curves and hairpins, snow sleet rain and hail lol

  2. Hiya Welcome to NR :)
  3. no use going for a ride with a busa rider, they seem to get lost in the distance :grin:

    welcome bud
  4. Thanks man I have noticed the scenery moves a heck of a lot quicker lately lol
  5. Welcome to Netrider, riders over 1,200 ccs are always welcome here :).
  6. Love the sig man and yeah thanks for welcome;)
  7. Hii... oh whered he go? is that him in the distance.....*squints* i guess i;ll say welcome when he gets back....
  8. mmmmmmmmmm Tassie :grin:

    Joining us in January???

    7th - 15th 2010

    Welcome btw ;)

    Make sure you add your username to your membership, read the FAQ to do so.

  9. welcome to NR from me too
  10. welcome, cant wait to get down to tassie on a bike! :D
  11. Thanks again everyone I feel like a well used bean bag;)
  12. welcom mate... and people who learn to handle machinery when they are young ...makes for better riders and drivers before they get a licence ....

    pesonaly speaking :grin: ride safe
  13. Welcome back to 2-wheels, and a BIG welcome to NR!
    250 >> 1300 :shock:
    talk about cutting out the middleman :p
    Enjoy !
  14. Morning Sarge

    New toy - who's a happy boy.

    Shy! I don't understand the question? :dance:

    Cheers from me & them over there, the shy ones :rofl:
  15. lol to true its going in for its 1000k service on saturday
  16. first time ive been to point cook today.... might i say its a fair distance to ride... hope i didnt get a speeding ticket
  17. Hi and welcome to NR

    They say one of the dangers to returning riders is that while you weren't riding bikes have gotten more powerful and faster.

    Guess this means that you might notice the Busa is slightly faster than the old 250. :LOL: