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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SilverXVS650A, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Hi guys and gals...no I'm not a yank!!!

    As always like most men I don't read instuctions and just go head first into things.
    I posted in the wrong section to say hello and look forward to meeting some new friends to go riding with.
    Soooo hello fellow bike riders look forward to some nice rides and fun times.
    I'm looking forward to going for my P's in 2 weeks time and if all goes well I maybe on my 09 c50 upgrading from a 09 gv250 Aquila which I thought would be enough since I have been bush bashing on a 250 for many years but soon found out just not enough for open roads.

    Love peace and harmony to you all

    Alfie :wink:
  2. Welcome to NR Red
  3. G'Day and Welcome.

    I followed a similar path to you :) Had a GV250, upgraded to a M50 :p

    Enjoy the C50, there are plenty of good deals at the moment.
  4. Welcome to the nuthouse, Red :grin:

    Though given a "wedgie" by some Mod for posting in the wrong section :p
    I'm sure you'll find we're a seriously fun lot to hang around with :grin:
  5. Thanks heaps guys.
    I got my member card wooo hooo and my sticker!!!! lol
    Hey how come I don't have the netrider member logo in my post's under my name????????
  6. Go back into the membership/join pge
    :grin: .... update details an add ur forum name where it tells ya too ...

    And welcome to NR

    ps I'm a :newb: too :p
  7. Hey Kitt I've done what you said lets see if it worked!!!.......
  8. Mmmmmmm nah... :(
  9. Thank you Kitt your a sweetie it worked!!!
    Take care and stay safe
  10. Ur most welcome :p