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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Avon, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

    Had been sussing out info on your site for a while for a new bike. It occured to me that I kept being side tracked with all the other goings on which i found really interesting, decided wanted to be a part of it , so thought i might tag along for a bit.

    Currently ride a 93 Ducati monster 900, which I love but look to trade soon.

    Have been riding on and off most of my life on a few different bikes over the years. Highlights were 2 stroke YZ 250 (insane), Blackbird and of course the Ducati

    Loved going fast but freaked myself out in 02 on a Blackbird XX when i came off, no major injuries (aside from ego)but I knew then I couldnt trust me self to behave. Forced self into riding cruisers for a while as pennance for bending the 'Bird.

    Anyway am now looking at a VFR, have been comparing with the Triumphs and GSXF's and others,,, hmmm lots to think about.

    Well, congrats on a fine site, and hope to catch up soon


  2. Wilkommen!

    Howdy, just joined myself.

    Shame to hear about the Blackbird, top notch those in my opinion. Tough to find used with low K's cause the owners never want to get off em.

    Enjoy the veritable goldmine of info on here.

    Hope to catch you at a ride day one day, and see the old Monster in action. Bet its a monster on the wallet come service time too aye?
  3. Welcome to NR Dan, just remember to test ride your future bike so you know whats best for you, and you alone, no use asking other people as they are not YOU, but ask questions regarding mechanical issues and so on, love the duc's to, great bikes
  4. Hey Dan, welcome to NR :grin:

    You bent the 'Bird? :shock: ... [-X ... :( ... :cry:
    ... aspiring to one of those perhaps, in blue :p

    Glad you came out of that one Ok though :)
  5. Thanks everyone

    might do a bit of a review on the XX - it was an incredible ride

  6. Yes pleeeeeese :grin:

  7. Hey Avon...welcome to NR

    We're trying to resurrect (oops, probably blasphemous on Easter Monday) the Brisbane Netriders Group Rides so if you're interested in coming along check out the link:


    And if you want to see our scrapbook from previous rides go to:


    Hope to see you on a ride soon. BTW BigD has a VFR which he absolutely adores. If you want a totally biased opinion then ask him what he thinks.