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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by truly zzr, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Hi all, Im new to the forum and from Perth WA.
    Are there any others from Perth?
    I currently have a ZZR250 thats in a million bits lol :shock:
    No riding on the cards anytime soon haha
    Im hoping to get back on the road soon, as soon as I figure a few things out with my darn bike.
    Cheers and have a great day!!!!

  2. Hey how are you :)

    Welcome to NR

    Good luck with the bike, hope you are up riding again soon :)

  3. Thanks for the welcome Lucy

    I'll probably have my bike ready just in time for winter, cant help bad luck I suppose.
  4. Look at it this way, by the time its finished and looking fabulous again and you have had a few rides to get any 'bugs' out of the system the days will already be getting longer again ;)

    I dont go for my learners until first week in May and wont get my bike until then...

    Post up some pics of the work in progress!
  5. another 1 joins the oldies club :) welcome to NR mate and get that bike on the road quick smart
  6. ... closer to 40 than 50 ... that's not so old :p

    Welcome to the sh!t stirring that is commonly found on NR! :grin:

    Oh, and there's occasionally some useful "how to put your ZZR back together" stuff too :p
  7. A zzr is a nice little bike .. get it back together this instant [​IMG]

    Welcome to NR :LOL:
  8. Welcome Aboard mate.
    I'd suggest you get your ass into gear and get that ZZR up and running.
    I'm not sure if you are a newbie to riding, if so, winter is a great time to begin your riding experience. Although daunting at first, it offers a much broader range of riding conditions that, when mastered, will only help make a more confident rider.

    Good Luck !
  9. not forgeting your nuts shrink also :LOL: :LOL:
  10. ^^

    Not that I would know :oops: but I thought they'd be kept warm by the engine :-k
    Y'all seem to complain enuf about them when the weather gets too hot! :LOL:

  11. ye thats when they start sagging and look like old man balls lololol
  12. Welcome to nutrider truly zzr

    I totally agree, I got my Ls in the beginning of a Melbourne winter and have since never been bothered by so called bad weather.

    Good luck getting your ride back together
  13. Thanks for the welcome all.

    I'll be trying my best to get my zzr back on the road, where in here is the best place for some help with questions, mechanical etc

    Im not new to bikes or riding, I grew up with my dad and bro tinkering with bikes and I use the word tinkering very lightly lol More like a never ending overhaul.
    I've been riding for around25 years now goddamit lol. Only ever owned 250's, I consider myself too light for a bigger bike and im comfortable on the littlies.
    I dont know anything mechanical about bikes usually I've had someone to do that for me but im on my own now :grin: So need as much help as i can get cuz cant afford to put it into a shop to be done.


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