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Newbie without a bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pax, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Hey, I just joined. Thought I'd make my first post here to get off the mark.

    Just got my L's and looking to buy a bike in the next week or two.

  2. Welcome to the Forum. Well done on your L's, what type of bike are you gona get? Don't spend too much on your first bike...it's just something to learn on before you get a real bike later on.
  3. Thanks mate. Not exactly sure, I like the looks of the sports bikes but have warmed to the Honda VTR250 for a first bike... seems to have some good reviews from my reading up on here and other sites.

    Any recommendations? Thanks for the welcome.
  4. mate,
    the vtr250 is an awesome bike to learn on. i got mine a year ago (2004, 2000kms) and have since done another 10k with ABSOLUTELY no problems. It has really nice low-end power and accelerates well enough for a small engine. The v-twin gives it a nice note as well.
    Servicing is cheap (full service under $200) and tyres ($140ish) so you're laughing.
    There're not as cheap as some GPX's or CBR's but will definately go the distance with cheap petrol (always 300+ kms to a tank) and reliability.
    Ive haven't ridden much else but id back the VTR in handling and fun factor against any 250 on the market

    good luck

  5. Welcome!

    Check out netrider - it contains alot of info about learner legal bikes and getting into riding, check it out!:
    netrider - The Ultimate Resource For New Riders
  6. Yeah you cant go wrong with a VTR250, they come up for sale quite often on this forum too. This is definately a bike you can be happy with for your P's and beyond. 300kms a tank! Thats something I didnt know, my CBR250 only gets 200kms a tank.