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Newbie without a bike... yet

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ZigZac, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just got my L's 2 weeks ago, and have been looking for a bike since then.

    I only realised today your rude was never buy the first bike you see. Well I put a deposit on the first bike I saw, a 2012 Ninja 250, because the price was too good, but then the owner couldn't find the service logs and the bike had done 22,000km in 1 year, so I passed on it and got my deposit back. Bike was sold that same day to someone else, so I feel like I missed out...

    Anyway, I'm 29, been driving for about 11-12 years now, have a Subaru Liberty B4 twin turbo, and just looking for a fun bike to ride sometimes, maybe once a week or once a fortnight.

    Here to learn about bikes and riding, and I do enjoy mods. I've always been a fan of acceleration, top speed doesn't really get my engine going as much as a good take off... :)

    Hope to talk to some cool people, learn as much as I can and stay safe on the roads... :)
  2. Hello and welcome :)
    Don't worry, there'll be plenty of those Ninja 250s out there, it's a very popular machine.
  3. Welcome to NR :) Good luck on finding your first bike and pwbike is right, the Ninja 250 is a very popular machine.
  4. Thanks guys, it is popular, but trying to find one in my 2500-3000 price range isn't too easy. Lol!

    I would like either a cbr250r, ninja or a GS500f.

    There aren't any other bikes out there that I like.. and I'm only 5'7 and 75kg, so not a fan of a huge bike...

    What do you guys think of my bike choices?
  5. ZZR (or GPX) 250 is pretty much the same mechanically as the Ninja 250, so that could be an option if you find it hard to get one in your price. Any of those you listed are known good starter bikes.
  6. Yeah I saw a good ZZr250 or sale on the weekend... wasn't too sure... but very interested, but by the time I decided to get it, it was sold... knew it would sell quickly anyway... LOL!

    Thanks for that though, I will check them out too now... :)
  7. Consider where you live & intend to ride. (Not sure if you have already mentioned, where you live ?)
    Your height & weight willbe something to consider when looking for a suitable bike.

    My son is on the search also, but because of his height (185cm and still growing) his Lams
    Bike choice is limited. As we live in the country, he will look for a dual-sport type bike.
  8. Yup, that is a valid point...

    I live in Western Sydney, and it will just be for me to ride once in a while for fun, not for commuting or anything, just the occasional cruise...

    With your son's height, I would imagine he needs quite a big bike, but with my size, I'm sure a ninja or a cbr would be fine, test rode a cbr and not cramped at all so that is good :)
  9. So, I've test ridden a GS500F, found that a little too big, rode a 2011 and a 2012 CBR250r... liked that... rode a 2012 ninja 250 as well, but not enough...

    Now I am in a position to buy the 2011 CBR250r for a good price, but it has 37,000km on it, but service history too, and a few minor mods.

    Should I go for it? Close the deal on the Honda, the thumper? Would that be the best learner bike for me over the ninja, which feels just as good, but is a v-twin?
  10. Ninja is a parallel twin, popular bike and nothing wrong with it.
    To me the CBR250R is a lesser bike, but again, nothing wrong with it.
    37,000 km isn't a huge amount and if it's been serviced properly should be fine.
  11. I'd be more inclined to buy a 90's cbr250r or rr. Way more bike for the dollars, I don't get the fascination with these new 250's, yes they are capable (to a point) but that point runs out pretty quick, even for a new learner
  12. Thanks guys... I wouldn't mind a nice RR with low kms and maybe a tyga kit, but not in the price range I'm looking at... lol!

    Ninja is nice, I think it might sound nicer than the thumper, I'm a big fan of a good exhaust tone... and the thumper just sounds like a loud scooter to me, even with the stainless steel exhaust the guy had on it... but it does look good and is newer, and I can afford it...

    I know I'll probably get tired of the power quickly, but I won't be riding it all the time, so maybe would take longer for me to get bored? Lol!
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  14. Thanks for that mate... I'm in Sydney, Western Sydney...

    I was looking at a few... most of them have over 50,000km at least, but I guess that is ok for the age of the bike... but since I'm not very mechanically minded, I do worry about keeping the bike running well.

    I also thought the newer bike being EFI would be good... one less thing to worry about... the Carby...