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Featured Newbie with some decisions to make!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ant_01, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I owned a couple of trail bikes in my later teens and a decade has passed in which I wish to relive all the great days I had hitting up various trails (Menai/Lucas heights/ Heathcote areas) however this time legally :]

    Just completed my pre learners cert and will sit my Ls computer test next week.

    I have determined that I want to buy an Enduro bike as I can have the best of both worlds (road/trail) but need to do a lot of research on which bike (def a 250).

    Have always had a soft spot for Yamaha's as some mates used to own YZs, but back in the day I owned & rebuilt a KTM 125sx for my HSC project and regard KTM highly. Another mates RM250 always went hard too.

    Now......... I am leaning towards a 2015 WR250R due to reliability & long service intervals. I gather they are a bit on the heavy side but would love to hear from you guys with diff opinions and info.

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    welcome aboard :] good luck on getting your Ls :] cant help much on the bike best advice I can give is try as many as you can before you buy
  3. cheers mate .. def sounds like good advice to me.. driving factor will mainly be price ...
  4. KTM 690 enduro. fcuk the law
  5. I've got a Suzuki DRZ400, it isn't the most powerful beast out bush but it can handle absolutely anything you throw at it. It's good around town, but struggles a little at highway speeds (can do it though). I'd definitely recommend it as a first bike, since it's learners approved and everything.
  6. Get a 450, either wr450 or ktm450 . So much easier to ride. Revving the nuts of a 250 in the bush gets tiring real quick.
  7. I was originally planning to go up to a wr450 as my last trail bike was a 250 but pre learners instructor kind of talked me out of it. He reckons 250 can put it down more where as the 450 simply looses tred on the trails and wheels just fry all over the shop. is this true or over exaggerated?
  8. Sounds to me like he owns a 250 and wishes he bought the 450
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  9. The latter.
  10. hahaha yeah perhaps the case... Im still very open to the 450... plan sitting my Ls test next week so will pop into yamaha and see if I can test ride both.

    Does anyone know if maintenance intervals are the same for WR250R & WR450F ?
  11. I've heard of people changing the oil on a WR450 every couple of 100 ks. Never owned one, so I don't know. (y)
  12. Dakar spec 690s have about 80hp, sounds like nonsense on that basis. I'd not be trying my luck on the road with a 250 single.