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Newbie with some decisions to make!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ant_01, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I have come across your good forum and decided to sign up.

    I owned a couple of trail bikes in my later teens and a decade has passed in which I wish to relive all the great days I had hitting up various trails (Menai/Lucas heights/ Heathcote areas) however this time legally :]

    Just completed my pre learners cert and will sit my Ls computer test next week.

    I have detemrined that I want to buy an Enduro bike as I can have the best of both worlds (road/trail) but need to do a lot of research on which bike (def a 250).

    Have always had a soft spot for Yamaha's as some mates used to own YZs, but back in the day I owned & rebuilt a KTM 125sx for my HSC project and regard KTM highly. Another mates RM250 always went hard too.

    Now......... I am leaning towards a 2015 WR250R due to reliability & long service intervals. I gather they are a bit on the heavy side but would love to hear from you guys with diff opinions and info.

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  4. G'day and welcome to NR, Ant_01.

    Just the other day I had a glowing recommendation of the WR250R by a rider who bought one for himself to use on local trails and around the town he lives in. His girlfriend wanted to ride too and now they've both got them - both for the ride-ability and long service intervals you've mentioned.
  5. XJ6N cheers , a lot of great info on NR.... Thanks for that, by the sounds of it that rider who purchased a 2nd bike for the girlfriend says a lot. Im very keen to test ride one and no doubt my decision will be a lot clearer at that point. Another option im keeping close is also a WR450R.....
  6. Definitely ride a wr450 before u buy a 250. I found the 450 a much better bike. I only ride trails. The more power it has means u don't have to rev it like a 250. Less gear changes. I'm not super fast rider but u can just use the low down torque of the 450 and have fun. Will never go back to the 250
  7. Yeah fair point but still I dont believe a WR450F will suit the riding im after. According to Yamaha, valves to be done every 10-156 hrs, same oil intervals , regular oil changes.

    I'd like to do a few Gong>SYD runs or at least have the ability to & believe the Wr250R is the only capable..
  8. Welcome to NR Ant_01. A few enduro riders lurking on here...looking forward to some dirty pics!