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Newbie with questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Germaine, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Hi everybody!

    Im' Germaine and I"m new to the forum. Found this forum to be very very informative, I've been reading heaps of stuff concerning buying bikes and bike maintainence.

    I'm actually going to be getting my learner's permit in 2 days times at H.A.R.T in Tullamarine, Melbourne. I'm just wondering, is it difficult to pass the learner skill test, considering I've never riden a motorcycle before (I don't think 50cc manual ones count). I'm just a little nervous :p

    Also I'm looking for an Arai Vector helmet, but can't seem to find any shops which sell them in Melbourne. I only found websites which sell them online, but I don't want to do that, because I wanna try it and see if it's really suitable or not. Any suggestions?

    Thanks heaps :)

  2. Hey germy
    My gf did her L test without riding a bike and passed
    Are you doing the 2 days?
    Cant help with the helments but I'm sure someone in here will be able to help you out

    Good Luck with the test :wink:
  3. hi, i bought my arai vector from peter stevensons in ringwood, although they had to get the design i wanted in from a store in the city so you might be able to give them a go....
  4. Hi germaine

    Dont be too set on a Arai Vector go to a few shops and try on all the helmets you are interested in to see which one fits your shaped head the best
  5. G'day and welcome to NR.
    Do the 2 day training if you can.
    Dont be set on 1 particular helmet. You may find it doesnt fit your head shape. Try a heap on and go for the one that feels best regardless of price (within reason). There is nothing worse than a lid thats uncomfortable no matter how pretty it looks!
  6. Yup, I signed up for the 2 day course, I'm excited! Hopefully everything will go well :)

    Thanks for the tips on the helmets guys, I've been looking at a couple of models, but haven't had my chance to check out PS on elizabeth street yet, but tomorrow I have a free day so gonna grab a look.

    Btw, glad to be on NR, very friendly forum! More friendly then another forum I'm on :p

  7. Hi Germaine,

    I got my L's at HART tullamarine a month or so ago, it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be, but i was going in there with unrealistic expectations.

    Saying that, its not really that hard. What you need to do to pass is a left hand turn through a set of banana shaped lines as well as one turning right. in addition a slow ride which is pretty much just idleing trhough a set of parallel lines occasionally taping the rear breaks (just for that extra half second or so).

    i went for the 2 day course so by the second day i was really confident. although i probably could have done it the end of the first day.

    We had a girl in our class who could barely ride at all, and fell the first few hours (not hard) as well as rear ending my friend on his bike. but she switched to a scooter (which you can too) and passed fine.

    Best of luck with the test
  8. Hey germaine,

    HART are really good to do your L's with, they pretty much set you up for a pass as long as you have a little common sense. Don't be afraid to ask questions to clarify wording of the written part.

    People make mistakes and drop bikes but they assume that's going to happen, best thing you can do is the same. Assume bikes will be dropped and stuff but it's all normal, try to continue best you can.

    Good Luck with the L's, I also passed without ever having ridden a bike before. It's normal. :grin:

    Helmets wise try on as many as you can within a short amount of time to be able to compare them closely.
  9. [​IMG]
    To what the others have said about HART. I did my Ls and my Licence test with them and found them to be fantastic.

    Just relax and get plenty of sleep before hand and you will be fine.

    Make sure you know the book backwards.
  10. hey ger,

    i never ride before.... i take 3 days course at motorcycle motion.... just had my 1st lesson last saturday, 2nd will be this saturday and 3rd will be this sunday. so i havent really has my L yet.

    i did 3.5 hrs on the training courses and just ride my recently purchased bike from work to home..... haha cant get over the excitement yet. still grinning and always find reason to ride, but i will keep it off until my L.

    dw, take it easy. slow on the clutch. you will do fine...... hehehehe
  11. Thank you so much for the support guys! Makes me so happy :)

    Will definitely update on this! I just pray that everything goes alright :)
  12. i reckon i tried on 50 helmets before i was happy with the fit, but i do have a bung shaped head dandenong is good as well city. But make sure ur 100% happy with ur lids fit as its the most important thing (should be snug all the way around)
  13. Don't worry - the L's really isn't that hard. Just relax and enjoy it. :)
  14. Hi there, you will probably have a bit of a wobble when you ride on your own at first but then somthing will click in your brain and it will all come fairly easy after that. :)

  15. I'd never ridden a bike before myself (been pillion a couple of times, not that I think that made a difference!) and came out of the Ls just fine. Try to be confident in the bike's ability to hold you up (when you're not at a standstill) and it flows from there. (well that's how I felt it in my mind..)

    Keen to hear how you go! Have fun! :grin:
  16. L's course isnt that hard. The first day when I did mine(same place u did yours). I was starting to get quiet confident and I never rode a motorcycle before. On the second day I did really well and one of the instructors just said dont get nervous and you'll do fine. For the people that I was doing the course with they were all ok with riding and they failed because of them being nervous. Like they can spend the whole day doing the test and they'll do fine until they do the actual test. So dont get nervous about the test.

    Also for the helmet as some of NR said. Try on as many as you can before buying it. Once you think you have picked one. Wear it for 10min or so while you choose your other gear. eventhou it'll look funny but you're just making sure that the helmet fits you and you dont get a head ache from it....
  17. Hi Guys!

    Just got home from my 1st day at H.A.R.T's learner course, and it was fun! The starting was pretty nerve wrecking, and I dropped the bike once at my first corner, but it was good that I dropped it, cause I learnt from my mistake about turning and braking. My only worry is the slow ride, because it was so windy i kept getting blown off and lost control off my balance. But other than that, it was great! I'm proud of myself for being able to learn how to ride a bike!!

    Now just have to prepare for tomorrow's test, so thanks for the advice! Hopefully I won't get nervous, and if all goes well, I'll be test riding the new CBR125 RR at H.A.R.T's open day this Sunday! :)

  18. good to hear its all going well for you. yea slow ride can be daunting but dont worry the testing is done on the main riding course (the bigger one) which is separate from the beginners course, and usually the wind is to the back of you (coming from the road) as from memory this was the only exposed area not blocked off by buildings or trees.

    good luck tomorrow
  19. Hey guys!

    I got bad news :( I failed... twice on the same day :'(

    I was quite nervous about my corners as I'm not too good with it, and then I stalled right at the beginning of the test (out of nowhere, when I was really worrying about my cornerings), and then the instructor told me to just go through the whole test as a practice run, and at the end of it he said that if it wasn't for the stall, i would have passed! And then I redid the test in the afternoon, but was still a lil nervous cause I was afraid I would stall this time (also, I was on a different bike, the clutch was a lil diff then the one I was using for the past 2 days), but in end I dropped the bike right at the end when u get into the yellow box (broke too hard).

    i was quite upset at myself in the beginning, because I know I can do it, and the instructors themselves said so that I'm riding really well. But the whole "TEST" thing just makes me feel nerve wrecked so yeah :(

    Anyhows, I'm looking at this on a positive side and taking my failures as a blessing. This just means I'm not ready for the road yet so I'm gonna do more practices at HART and hopefully for my next retest I'll pass :)

    I'm not angry at HART for anything, but I really really loved the whole course as I learnt heaps about motorcycles and riding them, so at least I've gained a lil more experience in riding.

    Anyways, I was probably one of the few in the group of 12 who never rode a motorcycle before, and I was the youngest. So it's a big achievement for me already :)

    But, thanks for the support guys!
  20. good to hear you're not too bummed out about not passing. Probably better off being more confident before hitting the road anyways.

    Better luck next time.