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Newbie with question (+ introduction)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by orch, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Hi all. I have been reading these forums for a few months, and now that I have a bike I thought I would introduce myself. I really want to get involved in some of the group rides and am planning on joining the learner rides when I can. I have the bike bug pretty bad now. I'm hooked.

    Got my L's early December and was looking online for a few weeks. Decided early on to go for a GS500F, mainly due to the bigger size, I'm 6'3, and how good it looks.
    Found one in early January. 2006 model in good nick, only $6k and ~14000 on the clock. Spent $1k on gear last week and have had a few rides around my rural area.
    Went to the city today for a test run of what my commute will be (40+ k's each way) and found it to be pretty good. I'm trying to remember to do everything correctly, especially setting up corners, but I am making some mistakes.

    There is a few things about riding around in the city that I am unsure of though. The main one is what gear should I be in. I don't know how high the bike should be revving when I am just traveling along in the city. I noticed today that I would be in 3rd going 60 and the bike was around 5k rpm. If I got up to 80 it sounded like it was revving to hard (around 7k) so I would go up to 4th and the revs would drop to 4-5k. Can anyone lend some advice as to what I should be aiming for?

    The other things I worry about is stalling it at lights or roundabouts. Most of the time today I was just slow riding up to the traffic infront and not actually stopping, so I definitely need to practice with stopping and taking off again. I also need to start practicing U turns and slow riding stuff so I can pass the MOST course. Hopefully I can make the learner ride nights.

    Cheers for all the great info I have got from here so far. It's been really helpful having a resource like this.

    p.s. I've put some pics of my bike in the garage.
  2. hey mate, welcome to the world of bikes!

    i suggest getting to a EMPTY car park near your house and practicing the whole stop/start thing. you are bound to stall it a few times until u learn the 'grab' point of your bike. when you try to take off keep the revs around the 2k mark or a bit less (not too high) and very gently let the clutch out. the 'grab' point is when you feel the gears grabbing and the bike starting to move. at this point let the clutch out all the way and start to open the throttle slowly. balance yourself as the bike takes off. hopefully this will help you prevent any stalling at the lights. practice makes perfect!

    with stopping, just ease on the front brake and slowly go down through the gears till u get to first and are doing about 10k/h, then slowly pull the clutch in, when the clutch is all the way in, you can let go of the throttle (not the handlebar!!!!! just 'close' the throttle) and then put your foot down and jobs done! once again, practice in an EMPTY parking lot.

    as for gearing in the city, all bikes are different, you are generally better off in a lower gear than a higher one, this way if something unexpected happens, you can let go of the throttle and the engine braking will slow you down significantly. this coupled with regular braking will slow you down a lot faster than if you were using a higher gear. i'm not sure where red-line is on a GS500, but like i said, for better control of the bike whilst you are learning, stick to slightly higher revs in a lower gear rather than lower revs in a higher gear.

  3. According to Wipikedia, GS500 engine develops its max power at 9,200 RPM and max torque at 7,500 RPM. So you certainly don't need to worry about it revving too hard at around 7k.

    What you should aim for depends on both your style and circumstances. If you go uphill, or you need to overtake and generally dart around then you'd want your engine to be in its power band (somewhere around where its max torque lies), so you have a good and quick response when you twist that grip.

    But if you move at more sedate peace and steady speed, why not shift up and save some petrol? As long as you're not lugging the engine (you'll know when you do!) you'll be fine. You can always shift down when you need more power - that's what gearbox is for, after all.

    My ER6 revs a bit higher than your GS500, but I'm a leisurely rider and I tend to upshift by around 5 - 6 RPM most of the time.
  4. I had a GS500F ,it was a great bike to lean on .

    Check out this link ,all the GS500 info you could ever need.


    And as the guys said ,find a empty car park and just practice.
  5. + 1 to RacingTurtles

    4-5000 is fine on a GS500 for just cruisin around, but this isnt hard and fast.

    The caveat is also to not drop below about 3000 .. you will feel it struggling and a shuddering tellin you to pull ya foot out and change down :LOL: