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Newbie with boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Atlas, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. hi folks

    being a new rider and everything, should i bother with getting myself a set of boots? not hitting the twisties or highways or anything like that for now.. just quiet streets here and there whilst im learning the bike.

    cheers for the input.
  2. Doesn't mean you won't be hitting the ground though. Boots are definately a must I reckon - if you don't want to go to the expense of proper motorcycle boots then at the very least wear some solid leather hike boots/army boots that fit securely (definately not slip-on steelcaps). Ankles break easy and they're not an easy thing to fix.

  3. Yes, you should wear safety gear. :)
  4. Yep, definitely get proper riding boots.
    My first off was in a car park, was turning into a spot and clipped a gutter with the right peg, bike stopped quickly and I just fell straight over. Lucky the bike had a soft fall cause it fell straight onto me, and more specifically, the sole of the boot. I was trapped underneath until I found the energy to lift it off. Yes it was bloody hard!!

    My point is if I had normal shoes on I would have had one crushed right foot. As it was there was no damage to the bike and no damage to me.
  5. Sounds like your boot saved the day :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I'd get a pair of boots, and dont be shy to get yourself a pair that have all the protection. The last thing you need is a mangled ankle for the rest of your life or more fun still.. a peg through your calf! :shock:
  6. I had an early experience kinda like Burnsie's. I did the drop-in-the-driveway trick and was trapped side on with the bike/ground. My foot was bruised for most of a week and I couldn't move it well. Hate to think what it would have been like without my sturdy boots with ankle protection.

    Maybe top quality hiking boots would have been as effective, I don't know, but they can be expensive so might as well go for the specific bike boots. Might be a bit more, but then you're set up for when you want the real thing anyway.

    I got Falco boots that cost $170. They have ankle protection, zip, velcro, foot lever extra layer, "water proof"... and they continue to support me well despite one fairly major bingle and 2 littlies. You don't have to go the $300 pair to get what you need. Try a few brands and see what fits your feet best, allowing for a little wearing in.
  7. Agree with everyone else.....you have to get yourself some boots :)
  8. I say forget about the boots unless you plan to fall off :grin:

    So glad I was wearing mine with a 40kph low side. came up pretty good with only a few scratches on the toe scraper. Hate to imagine what would've happen if I was wearing only sneakers... no ankle support, no heel protection, no toe protection, no twist stop protection. Had a few occassions where debris has flown off car wheels and hit me in the shin plate or foot area. didn't feel a thing while wearing boots.

    But yeah if you can't foresee any of the above happening to you don't worry about the boots just wear sneakers. it's easier and more comfy to walk around. ;)
  9. Prangs can happen just about anywhere, buy some boots.

  10. ...and bloody well wear them! :evil:
  11. I'd plan to fall off. Get the boots.
  12. thanks for the input guys.. ill be getting some boots now..
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  14. There's a spot on my left boot, right where my ankle bone sits that is grazed down a couple of thou, almost every time I put my boot on I look at it and think phuck that would have hurt if I was wearing runners.
  15. Doesn't look like there's much ankle protection. The heel and toe guards look decent. but missing the important ankle guard.

    I got a pair of Sidi Vertebra 2 for the same price. Not saying they're better... but you have options.

  16. hey mate where u get those boots from and how much were they?

    im thiking of getting boots that are $310ish.. but sorta thinking im over doing it ..
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  18. Brian's Bikemart in ringwood. they're last season's. now probably last, last season. got 'em for $300. Already paid for themselves in one off. still going strong. Too bad you're in sydney.

    They still have a few pair left. Give 'em a call see if they'll ship to sydney.
    Their number will be in the partners section. 10% discount for netriders.

    EDIT: or check this out