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Newbie with a problem.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by av0ider_, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Hi all.
    I've been lurking around for a while, reading up a bit, since I'm (very) new to riding. Got my licence a week and a half ago, and my bike a week ago.
    Anyway, the reason I'm posting here is because I'm having trouble starting my CBR250RR.
    It starts perfectly fine if the engine is warm, but if the engine is cold it seems to be practically impossible. I've tried endless combinations of choke, giving it a little throttle, and whatnot. Battery is perfectly charged. It also hill-starts instantly every time.
    So, for those of you a lot more knowledgable than I, do you have any suggestions?

    It's making it a pain in the ass to get to work on time. :p

  2. Hi and welcome to the mad house :biker:
    Does the choke actually work?
    Can the previous owner offer any hints?
  3. Choke/Carb issue for sure
  4. I bought the bike through a dealer - consignment - so I've had no contact with the previous owner. According to the dealer, he never had any problems, but they'd say that no matter what, wouldn't they? :p

    Choke works fine, to my knowledge. It sounds like it's working, anyway.
    The engine doesn't need to be warm warm in order to start, just not cold. Sorry for the lack of clarity, but I'm really too inexperienced to give you any more info.
  5. Oh - a little more info.. When it's cold, the bike sounds like it wants to start.. The engine almost turns over, and then dies. Sometimes - rarely - if I have the perfect level of choke it'll start up.
  6. Already taken a look at that thread, and attempted following the directions. Still no good at starting while cold. Starting when warm is no problem.
  7. You will need to look to see if the butterflys are actually closing on the carbs. Not just if the revs rise if you activate the choke. 2 different operations. The warm starting suggests its a cold fuelling issue (choke) many bikes start without choke but some will refuse. Have a look at the throttle linkages and see what moves when you activate the choke. Might be hard for a n00b but the other way will cost you money.
  8. Well, unfortunately that does sound like it's a little over my head.
    But I'm willing to get my hands dirty, so I might give it a shot when I've got some spare time.
  9. May be a bit obvious, but you have tried starting it with different amounts of throttle?
    I had a Kwaka once that would never start cold unless I pumped it for a few seconds with closed throttle , then twisted it wide open for an instant.
    (too long, and it would flood, of course).
  10. I've tried using a bit of throttle, but never a huge amount. A mate of mine who owns a CB250RR also tried starting it - with more luck - although he can't get it to start every time either.

    He seemed to be of the opinion that I should, to quote him, "take the slack out of the throttle when starting it."

    Is this good advice, or bad?
  11. Dodgy fuel. Flush the tank, or fill her up with another fuel and see how it goes.
    If not that, Carbs, Does the bike idle nicely, consistently??
  12. I ran it out to reserve the other day and re-filled with premium. Apparently that's what I should be using. As for it idling consistantly, on the whole, no it doesn't. I find that when I stop, whether it's at a set of lights or when I'm done riding, the bike will idle at around 4,000rpm. After a minute or so, it drops back down to 2,000rpm, which is where I was told it should be around. It doesn't drop slowly, either. It's a very sudden drop from 4k to 2k.

    I couldn't start it again this morning after the graveyard shift at work. Had to hill-start the thing, again. On the up side, soon I'll be fairly buff from pushing my damn bike up hills all the time.
  13. On second thoughts, after you remembered to mention the 4000 RPM idle you do need your carbs looked at. Something is seriously wrong with the way they are set up. Could be running way to lean. Could be a vacuume issue or many other things. It's not a job for a n00b however.

    Find another way to get buffed and enjoy your bike the propper way. :p
  14. Just lovely. Presumably this means I'm in for a fair bit of cash. Which I really do not have. Lovely, indeed.

    Should the dealer have picked this up when they checked the bike over before selling it to me?
  15. Yeah its bad luck mate unless you know someone who knows your type of bike. You may be able to make arrangements with your local mech. :oops: Might be worth asking.

    You didnt think that owning a bike would be cheap did you :LOL: :LOL: I know it should be in the fine print but I have never found it :LOL: I just know they all cost but hey, we still ride. We love it :!:
  16. Knew it was going to cost me money. Hoped it wouldn't in under a week after buying it. Such is life.
  17. Mate.its a shame the shop you got the bike off does not want to help you.Give them a free plug...yes tell us all who to be careful with when buying a bike from...Cheers..Greg..
  18. I haven't managed to get it back to the dealer yet, with it not starting, and me not having enough time off of work, so they may still be of some help.

    Also, it's still entirely possible I'm just missing something small because I'm an idiot. :p
  19. I wouldnt use premium in ur bike, just get some normal 91 unleaded. From experiences i found that premium makes the bike hard to start, and idle crap.
    Change the fuel
    Adjust the idle screw when the bike is warm, to around 1500rpm or whatever ur owner manual recommends. See how it goes.
    Give the battery a check, cause running the battery down, roots it. Make sure the acid/water is up to level, and check the voltage. This could be the main prob, that is highly likely.
    If it sill is not doing it for ya, take the tank off, check ur airfilter, and carb slides. Make sure the move smoothly, and are all aligned.

    One step at a time.
    GOod luck