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Newbie with a CBR250RR

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ronin2010, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just thought id introduce myself!

    I just bought myself a 1990 CBR250RR (genuine not a fake). I paid about 4000, and from what i can tell its only got cosmetic damage. Its been dropped, and has scratches and cracks...but thats it. Oh nad the lock for the glove compartment is busted, any ideas about that?

    Ill upload photos soon, just wondering what i should be doing now that ive bought it. im guessing a service would be a good place to start, and ive also noticed that either the clutch slips a little when i take off, or maybe just because its a 250 it has to be reved out more.

    Im also about to go buy gear, im looking at the HJC CL-14 for 299, and a dririder airmesh jacket for 250. So if anyone has any opinions or ideas im glad to hear them.

  2. Gidday & welcome :)

    Go to the wreckers, find a different barrel, go to a locksmith get them to change the pins to suit your current key.

    impossible to diagnose from that description, yes they need to be revved to get them going but you need to be more thorough with your description.

    There are a lot of helmets out there fo around that price don't lock yourself in to the first cheap one you come across. There are massive differences in helmets, weight, noise supression, venting etc etc.
    Airmesh jacket might be a little cool coming up to winter no? maybe a cordura jacket for ~$300-$350.

    Gloves will set you back $60, boots, depending on style, $250-600

    There are lots of things that will take up all of your cash. Take your time and look around, bargains can be had.
  3. Get it properly and professionally serviced, and get a detailed service report. That draws a 'line in the sand' under your ownership of the machine. You know what it IS and you know what it's going to need in the future.

    Keep a notebook or spreadsheet of all your expenses, especially the next scheduled service, AND GET IT DONE; budget ahead for it as you note your on-going mileage. Tyres and brake pads wear out and cost a lot more than the same parts for cars. Be prepared for that.

    Give it lots of love and attention and it will reward you with reliability.

    Oh, and welcome :).
  4. Thats a great idea, i might try and chase one this weekend.

    Well ill organise for a full service to be done in the next week or so (as i wont be riding it just yet). i already know its got good tyres, it has a full 12months rego, and a new battery. as for the fairing damage, im not really worried because its still secured to the bike, theres only scratches and cracks.

    gloves i already know about. boots im good for at the moment. The dririder airmesh jacket looks to be the best value ive seen because i know a shop that just wants to get rid of em. as for the helmets ive been looking around a fair bit, and HJC are the ones i like. they fit well and theyre in my price range. if i could, i would go up to the next model but its another 150 bucks!
  5. Could i just recommend that you make sure your helmet has removable lining. They get smelly really easily.
  6. Hey champ!

    Good on you! I kicked off in an almost identical way to you! 93 model with slight fairing damage but otherwise in pretty good nick.

    Gear wise, find what fits and think about the conditions. I wanted an Alpinestar race suit but i commute on the bike and winter is coming up so i went the dryrider way and got a nice warm jacket with plenty of pockets and a good warm pair of waterproof pants.

    With your lid, its obviously a very important bit of gear! Its something something you will wear each and every time, better to save for an extra week or two and get something a little better but if you say it fits well and if your happy to wear it each and every time then go for it.

    By the way, check out www.cbr250.com, great forum with plenty of other rr lovers!

    One last thing, where in Sydney do you live? always good to know other rr riders.

  7. Welcome Nath. :grin:
  8. ppfftt only if you have a smelly head :)

    I don't have any hair so i wear a thin cotton balaclava under my helmet, stops the oil and sweat soaking into the liner.

    Besides, there are sprays out there that are designed to clean the lining of your lid.
  9. I have a HJC CL-15 Session lid. I like it a lot only a little noisy at high speeds. You dont have to pay 299 though so dont. I also love my Dririder Nordic jacket too. Just make sure your comfortable in whatever you buy. If I had the chance again I'd go a size smaller in my HJC but its not to bad.

    Welcome to NR too.

    An oil change may fix the clutch.
  10. Give me Hi 5...

    haha I have a CRB250RR and on my L's too... woohoo

    I might be going to Sydney for work in the next few weeks, am going to miss riding...
  11. lol Ask the CBR KING always there with a helping hand.... :p
  12. Most people do have hair however :wink:, and its easy to chuck in a little bit of liner into the washing machine every week :p
  13. Tighten the chain,gearleaver mounts it simple and makes a big diffrence
    If ur getting it serviced they wil do all that for u.
  14. hey guys

    went looking at gear during my lunch break. so the latest is i think ill get the dririder airmesh jacket for about 260, i just bought an ac-11 hjc for 320!!!

    my mates taking the bike on saturday for me, so i might have hawkesbury honda take a look at it aswell.

  15. are they leathers?
  16. Welcome :grin: before you fix the cosmetic damage make sure your 100% confident your not going to drop it again or in my case let anyone else drop it for you.

    As mentioned by somebody else think it was Vic, dont rush into buying gear. Make sure the stuff you buy is what you need, theres no point buying a $1000 gucci jacket if it does buck all if you crash and slide. Winter is coming and recently ive been coming home around 1-2am and it is damn cold outside so consider that too.

    Hope your service goes well and see you on the road bud :p
  17. hey guys Roan ask me

    Roan says:
    i thought if u might give some pointers in wats good and bad owning a fineblade or cbr 250?

    thought you could help and give some points 4 him?