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newbie with a Boulevard C50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by xyzbigred, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. hey just saying gday just found this forum i got a c50 about 6weeks ago had 1st service on friday bit slow racking up those 1st 1000 ks but work and a bit timid i guess as 1st bike ive ever owned learned on a kwaka 250 road bike which i rode for about 2 weeks then went for the test and because im over 30 straight onto the 800 no complaints love riding my bike could be a bit louder though found myself at lights in town today and 6 harleys pulled up next to and around me made my boulevard sound like a sewing machine anyway got to go catch yas. jamie

  2. welcome!
    Good choice of bike - very forgiving, and relatively vice free!
  3. I also have a C50 only bought about 6 weeks ago.
    Have 2700 klms now and love it.
    The more I ride, the more experience I gain the better it becomes.
  4. welcome to the forum...
    good choice with your ride ... enjoy it :grin: and
    stay upright

  5. Welcome to Netrider, Jamie. A big cruiser is an ideal choice given your location :).

    When you've got your confidence up some you should ride across to Tamworth, up the Moonbi to Bendemeer and across to Walcha and then Port Macquarie via the famous Oxley Highway. I'm sure you'd enjoy it; a nice mix of cruising and some corners to hone your skills...
  6. G'day and welcome.

    You did the best thing getting alittle time on a 250 and then passing the test and getting the C50 as the first bike.
    It so easy to ride and a GREAT choice for a first bike that will keep you happy for a few years++. :grin: .

    If you havn't got the cash for new pipes ,drill 8 holes in each pipe ...thats what I did on my M50 ,and it was loud enough for me just a nice little rumble ,or you can rip the guts out of the pipes and ITS LOUD :shock: .

    Google ,C50 Forums.... there is heaps of topics on it and sound videos and how to do it.

    Enjoy the bike ,its a beauty ,and do what Hornet said about the Oxley ,great fun to ride.

    Cheers Sled.
  7. Welcome.. I used to own an 06 C50, with all the extra bling i got from the states.

    Great bike i must say, but i had the 14 as well and the wife and i much prefered the 14 for 2 up riding. Apart from all the bling i debaffled the pipes on mine, sounded nice and deep.. :twisted:

    Here are some links for you.. One is debaffling and the the other is to a guy in the states who will get you all your bling. His name is Glenn, tell him Paul Williams sent you if you ever buy anything.. He is the awesome at what he does..

    Debaffle here

    www.republiccycle.com for all your bling..

    Here is a pic of mine with the extras...
  8. Hello Blue14,
    I notice you have a Suzuki Tank Cover on your C50.
    Can you tell me were you bought it from.

    I live in Australia and cant get one here.
    I have found some online from various dealers in the US, but they dont ship to Australia.

    Maybe you can help me out.

    Thank you.
  9. Nice C50 Blue14 :)
  10. Pm Sent mate.. and if anyone else is interested, www.alphasports.com

    Type in C50 in the search bar and you will also find other gen accessories not available here.. :grin:
  11. Thanks mate, although someone else is enjoying the beast these days.. Maybe down the track i will get myself a C90 ..
  12. Think the C90 has been discontinued in Australia. Not sure. Can't find any information on it. The Suzuki web site has deleted it from the cruiser range. Been gone for nearly 12 months now.

    Don't know why if they have. There's a big hole between 800 & 1800.

    Maybe they have something new in the pipeline.
  13. Yes its no longer avail new Ken.. Will look at something s/h if i can find.. Although i do like the V Rod.. :twisted:
  14. There's always the rumoured C109 :D
  15. Like this one.. :twisted: C109... I forgot they were releasing it.. Check out www.suzuki.com

  16. Someone in/near Sale has a new black Night Rod. Very nice even if it's got HD badges. Sonds good with stock pipes too.
  17. thanks 4 the replys guys will definitly be buying from states heaps cheaper than suzuki especialy backrests ill let him know you refered me thanks paul and everyone else again.
  18. ps dont think im gutsy enough to take to my pipes with a drill or hole saw guess ill have to find the extra cash and buy some loud pipes later on
  19. Good idea. I like the sound of the stock pipes. Give it some time to break in a bit.
  20. I have the same dilemma in that I have a week old C50 with only 400K's on it. Although de-baffling is not difficult, is it better to keep the stock pipe original and purchase some V & H straights hots and always have the option to revert back if need be?

    There is some interesting points made on the US Volusia Riders forum