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Newbie...Wife Says MidLife Crises ??????

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sawmill, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    My wife says I'm entering my mid life crises, but I dont want a
    25yo brunette with all the right features (no offence to any female
    members/readers intended), all I want is an XR250, learn to ride
    and go riding in the Vic High Country (have got place ner Mt Buller).

    This is a great site and I will enjoy countless hours on it i'm sure !!!!!!

    I am booking my riding course this week and then will look around
    for a bike.

    Catch up with you all in due course.
  2. welcome to the new age!
  3. Welcome Sawmill :grin:

    Where are you booking in for your course?
  4. Welcome,

    Get the wife to join you in your mid life crisis
  5. Some of us started our mid-life crises at at 18.... and still going 30 years later :roll:
    Welcome, and have fun!
  6. Welcome to the forums

    Age is only a number....
  7. Just remind her that if you are going through a crisis, then it is partly her fault, and totally her responsibility to support whatever it is that will get you better :grin:
  8. Mate, I was onto my third mid-life crisis before I started riding:D
  9. Welcome sawmill. It's only a crisis if you don't enjoy it, it's a mid life awakening.
  10. Welcome to NR Sawmill

    If you is going through a midlife crisis then so is the rest of us, join the club buddy, goodluck with finding a bike and getting your license.
    Happy riding :grin:
  11. welcome to nr
  12. welcome to NR
  13. Riding up in the High country sounds like fun, welcome to the forum Sawmill. :)
  14. +1, Triway! :p

    welcome to NR sawmill :grin:

    and i totally agree with you, this site is awesome. only found it 4 days ago i think but ive already spent like 20 hours on it reading up on everything :)
  15. hey fella, mid life crisis was invented by chicks, see amy tag for reality :)
  16. welcome to the best midlife crisis anyone could have :LOL:
  17. If the woman gives you grief, ask her if she'd prefer you take a mistress instead, or started drinking heavily!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. welcome and good luck
  19. Welcome aboard. Why dont you try for both.. :LOL:
  20. Hi there Sawmill,

    just be prepared when one midlife crisis runs into the next as the toy needs upgrading! :grin: