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newbie - whats the best combo of gear to get?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by katieknightxr8, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. :twisted: ok I am an ex semi-pro cyclist and soooo hate road rash, im looking at all the differant options for clothing, like the non tearing jeans thingy-majigs or leather pants with the leather jacket(starting to sound kinky!!! :shock: ) not too worried about the money just want the best safety i can get my mits onto brands etc any suggestions?

  2. if your not worried about money then you cant go past a 2 piece Dainese leathers or alpinestar and get yourself a pair of hornees or draggin kevlar jeans if u dont want to wear the leather pants on some occasions
  3. and this will probably get moved to
    Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts
    Helmets, Gloves, Jackets, Tyres, Luggage, 'Bling', etc.
  4. Take a look at the Ladies Wear Pages at Team Moto to get an idea of styles and prices.

    MCAS carry some good gear too.

    Always go for gear that has 'CE Approved' Armour. It carries better protection in case of a fall.

    The TAC Save Your Skin brochure should let you know what sort of stuff you'll need.

    Happy shopping :grin:
  5. Draggins and a textile jacket with the usual armor for commuting, proper leathers for the big rides.
    Dont forget boots either.
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  7. Custom fitted gear is so much nicer to wear than off the shelf stuff.

    +1 for Tiger Angel.
  8. Personally, wanting protection on a budget i've gone

    draggin pants (cargo's etc), bout $200 ish.
    Alpinestar boots , bout the same.
    RST GP Pilot White gloves, all the protection, proper gloves, $125.

    Decent leather PERFORATED jacket with removable waterproof liner.
    This means it can be used during summer/winter.

    This will be around the $500 mark but will be armored, summer usable, winter usable, waterproof, and usually come with a quilted warm liner as well.

    for PROPER decent gear I fear its more up around the $500 mark PER ITEM.
  9. Don't just think about pure "safety" also think about riding comfort. It doesn't matter how much better a leather jacket will protect you over an armoured textile one if it's so hot to ride with you don't wear it.

    There is actually a really good sticky about riding gear in this forum.
  10. i wasnt fussed about how much i spent on gear either, but when i saw i could save $300 on just a suit by buying it online from usa, why not, i dont want to donate 100$ to peter stevens for no reason.
    i would recomend getting a 2pc leather suit, ALPINESTARS is what i got, probably the best purchase i have ever made! obviously been leather it does get a lil warm in summer, but you dont notice while you are moving, jus wen you sit at a traffic light for a while in the sunlight, or if you stop get off and stand in sun, but i would prefer been bit warm as opposed to having my ass spread all over my legs and arms?
    buying over the net working out a size and all can be quite difficult, i went in to peter stevens, tried a couple on, got my size, went home and purchased a 2pc ASTAR suit for $770AUD delivered!
    also the confidence and sense of extra security i think you get with proper protective gear, especialy something that should be able to withstand some serious sliding on the deck, is well worth the $$$, and any heat, or minimal loss of comfort you may suffer, i dont, it feels like a second skin, but all to their own.
    sweat and a wedgie are temporary, scars and burns are forever.
    hope this helps.

    p.s - if u ever come out for a ride around the spurs let me know, always keen and looking for people to have a ride with.
  11. what site did u buy it from handsy?
  12. and another thing, whatever you buy....TRY IT ON FIRST...and also sit on a bike if they have one there...some gear feels great when you walk around in it..but sit down with your arms outstretched and they may start to feel uncomfortable.
  13. Asked and answered many times.

    Depends on the type of riding you're doing.

    I commute on the bike in both day and night conditions. For me I prefer to have enough gear to suit all occasions.

    I run a waterproof textile touring jacket with a zip in warmth liner and supplement that with a mesh jacket for hot weather.

    I run textile pants with knee/ hip padding on the 1hour commute. Draggins for everything else.

    I have a high top pair of lace up work boots, good on the bike and for walking around in.

    Next will be a leather jacket and a boot upgrade.

    This gear allow me to ride in comfort year round in all conditions - something I couldn't do with just 1 set of gear

    Rjays all weather stuff is a good starting point. Buy other gear as needed.
  14. For female riders you need leather. The tighter the better.

    Its good 'PR' to raise awareness of riders and encourage ATGATT :grin:
  15. got it from 'ridersdiscount' goz..
  16. It's going to get colder before it gets warmer again.

    Think "warm gear", gloves, neck warmers, balaclavas, long jacket (maybe rain proof too) and gortex overpants, that sort of stuff.