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Newbie - What Chain Lubes have you tried?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by randy_rider, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. I bought my first can of Chain Lube today. "Lube-Zall" a Yamaha can.
    It smells just like CRC56!

    What chain lubes have other riders tried? Comments?

  2. There are various schools of thought on this issue. The following apply to chains with o-rings that seal in the lubricant.

    1. Don't lube it. Clean it with kero and soft brush. Then dry off with a rag. Theory is that if it's dry it doesn't attract abrasive dust/grime etc.. The chain's wear is within the links/pins, where the lubricant is sealed in. Don't use pressure cleaners to clean the chain as this can damage seals and force the lubricant out of the chain links.

    2. Use a dry lubricant such as molybond spray. Again, being dry, it doesn't attract dust, etc.

    3. Use a spray that has sticking qualities. Spray on after a ride, as the chain is hot and will absorb the lube as it cools.

    I ride a large sports tourer. I occasionally spray my chain with a molybond lube. I usually get 20,000 km or more from a chain.
  3. Maxima Chain Wax.

    ...great stuff,and no fling off!
  4. Yeah my old man had some of that maxima chain wax so i gave it a bash. Alot less messy than the generic chain lube i was using before...
  5. I've been using a Scottoiler with Scottoil for the last 3 years.
  6. I use one, can't remembe the name and can't be stuffed to go to the shed to look at. It's like the Maxima Wax. Spray on once a week when chain is hot, dries clear, whitish colour.
  7. I have been using one can of silkolene lube for 4 years...so far... original chain was replaced at 43,000km the new one is still in top condition at 81,000km (i only adjusted it 3 times so far) I'm also just about out of lube... time to invest in a new can....
  8. Can't go past Colgate Toothpaste or Selley's silicone or the famous Kawi KY lube for the best glide feel

    Cheers 8)
  9. I think youre thinking of Belray......great stuff......but.......i dont like it coz its white colour.
  10. Heres a tip:

    Rather than going for a ride to warm up the chain before applying lube,just use a hairdryer while spinning the wheel.
    Or use a heatgun,but be careful not to burn the 'O' rings.
    Spray liberally,then let sit for at least 10mins.
  11. A stoopid n00b-type question: how many km between chain-lubes?
  12. Not sure if this would work. By working a chain, you can ensure that it's warmed through. Heating it from the outside may not achieve this. Easier just to go for a ride somewhere, and more fun than sitting there heating it up with a hairdryer or something....
  13. Reapply about every two tanks of fuel. I usually spray the length of the chain on the inside (from the persective of it going around the sprockets) of the chain, as it goes into the lower exit of the front sprocket (i.e. you are rotating the rear wheel backwards). This usually happens after a ride so the chain is warm, as the chain cools it 'sets'/sticks/absorbs onto the chain with the theory being it sticks better so there is less throw off and better protects the chain.

    Motul Chain lube road is what I've been using lately and it seems to be doing the job. But I guess the true test is how long the life of the chain is.
  14. with o-ring chains, how long does it take to take it off, clean it and relube it?
  15. I ride an Across, so 2 tanks gets me about - oh, 40km? :LOL: :wink: :LOL:

    (Well, it seems like that. I'm spending too much time chatting with the R6-riding gal who works in my local servo...)
  16. Two school of thoughts:

    1. Wax based lube. These usually have unbelievable fling properties (ie they don't fling off and mess up your wheel). However they have to be reapplied more, do not lube as well and tend to build up a waxy residue on the sprockets if not cleaned off.

    2. Oil based lube. Extremely good lubing properties, last a long time and easier to clean off. However the lube does not like to stick to the chain and flings off.

    I've used both types of lube extensively. Originally I had a wax based one, but did not like the build up of wax on the sprockets and in the front sprocket gaurd. So I changed to an oil based lube. These are much better at lubing the chain and I did notice less friction. They are also longer lasting. So the performance is noticable better than wax, however it flings like a MF. I've now started to use wax again. I'll just try and be more diligent in cleaning the residue off (also I have white wheels).

    Also clean the chain with kerosene. It is what my bike manual recommends and works well. Never use a degreaser or the like. These will damage your orings.
  17. hmmm. sorry to resurrect an old thread, but i just cleaned my chain this arvo with kero but i didnt take the chain off the bike. should i take the chain off and clean it? i dont think i did a very good job either, cause theres still a bit of gunk coming out... and i have a can of silkolene spray on lube which flings off like a biatch... even when i put it on when the chains warm.
  18. Yeah, give it another go. Kero works excellently and no need to take the chain off. I pour about 50ml into a metal dish, and use a tootbrush to give the chain a real good scrubbing. Dab the toothbrush in the kero every ½doz or so links that you scrub. The kero in the dish should be a putrid dark colour when your finished. Also, as you rotate the tyre, give the rear sprocket a good scrub at the point where the chain comes off the sprocket to clean the grime that builds on the sprocket teeth. I do this as the first job of bike washing, so as I can immediately hose off teh area and tyre when finished and then move into washing the bike with soap and water to ensure I don't leave any dirty kero lying around :)
  19. i leave it for the cat next door :wink: :LOL:
  20. yeah...too many cats, not enuff recipes :p