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Newbie wants to know....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pink, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm new(obviously) and I'm thinking of getting a postie bike and doing it up.
    But I need some info:
    How fast to posties get up to? I'd have a 60-70km commute most days, and it's mostly on 100km/hr roads with quite a few trucks( :shock: ). Do you think a 110cc automatic could handle it ok? There aren't many hills and the roads are fair.
    Also does anyone know what mods I could do for more power without making it illegal? I've seen a few with leo vince exhausts and other mods but I don't know what works and whats just for show.
    I was thinking a postie because:
    1.I can afford it a lot sooner than the Ninja :p
    2. I saw one that a guy had sprayed black and it looked way cool 8) (Probably what I'd do to it+adding chrome and braided lines and a top box for storage 8))
    3. It has a reasonable engine size (not too small)
    4. It's a honda so won't die on me.
    Thanks for the help (in advance :D )

  2. Posties probably do 60 - 70 kays in a day, but that's in little hops. 60 - 70 kays round trip on a postie with trucks and stuff on the open highway sound like a big ask, both for you and the bike.
  3. I agree with hornet on that one. Could be a little dangerous. Remember those bikes are designed to run around on footpaths not really the rds let alone highways...
  4. Yeah, a postie is good for the centre of the city, but not the motorway... it would be dangerous.... even if you could hit 100, it would take you a long time to get there...

    Why not try to pick up an affordable 250..... or 500 if you have the license for it... Sure, its not a ninja, but it is a good start.... a much safer start than a postie bike...
  5. I live in an outer urban area and regularly witness the postie bikes struggling to hit 80kph posted speed limit up the nearby main road with frustrated columns of traffic behind them.

    Up a moderate inclined hill the rider is always hunched over, trying to be as aerodynamic as possible, and the bike is hitting 70kph tops, weaving somewhat erratically as the unsuitable suspension tries to keep all that in check.

    Great for 0-60kph work. I wouldn't trust them for regularly doing anything above 60kph when cars and trucks are around.
  6. My ex brother in law had one... flat out with me on it (ok I'm a bat fastard but still) it was struggling to get to 80kph and felt like it was ready to blow up at that speed.

    Up hills it was between 50 and 70 depending upon how steep it was.

    If you want a cheap learner bike then maybe have a look around for (in no particular order), Honda CBX250, Yamaha SRX250, Honda CD250, Suzuki GN250... there are several others.

    Even the slowest of those will easily blow away a postie bike and commute at 100kph fine.
  7. My mate owns one and it sits on about 90km/h just fine. It won't go any higher then that but he sits on it for about a 10-15km commute on a 100km/h highway every morning on his way to uni. Also talk to a postie about it as alot of the guys around here buy them back at Auction when they get 'retired'.

    I had a chat with my local postie and he said that with a sprocket change they will do 100-110km/h. He also said if buying from the auctions to look for the one with a bit of oil smeared on them or dirty. This is because alot of the postie's will do this to their bike when it gets 'retired' and then go and pick it up cheap at auction as no-one else really wants to touch it, thinking it's shagged.

    Josh =0)
  8. yeah stereohead a 250'd be great but a decent one=$2500-$5500 :cry:
    Postie =$500-$1500 :D
    All I need is something that'll get me there and back with a bit of cool in the bargain. I'd love a Gilera DNA or a Yamaha Aerox or even a Honda CB250 but I can't find anything in the $500-$1500 catagory :( .
    My folks are non bike people so's I have to fund licence,bike,gear +helmet, which is fine but I want to be mobile sooner rather than later :p .
    I'll probably put a request in the other thread for anyone getting rid of a yammy Aerox 100 or Gilera Dna180 in the Nsw/Sydeny area in the next few months. I wouldn't mind cosmetic damage so long as it was mechanically good, guess if I can't find anything I'll just have to keep saving :roll:
  9. i used to have one for a while before i got my licence i got it for $300 :D no rego tho, it went ok i guess :shock: .. two people on it running about town was inserting..and i dropped it twice and it did not effect it at all, but it had a soft landing both times..it was a tricky thing to ride in mud :LOL:
    edit: i think it was a 90 cc one
  10. Plenty of larger capacity bikes out there that are cheap if you're prepared/capable of doing a little work. A quick search of bikesales turned up this which could probably be fixed up fairly cheaply and should be much more capable on the highways than a CT110. Might also want to consider looking at some of the road registerable 250cc trailbikes which can often be bought cheap.
  11. hi there
    im not sure if this would help but i used to ride a hyosung 250 comet
    and i bought this bike brand new for $6000.... im not sure of your budget
    but im sure if u look around u will find one for the $4000 mark
    with low k's
    they are good on fuel and mine topped out at 140kph

    good luck and hope to see u on the road one day

  12. Sounds like you ned something a little bigger than a ct110. You could always try ebay. You can sometimes get a bargain but be careful.
  13. Nah you can pick a 250 up cheaper then that, particully now you don't need to ride a 250 in NSW. $1500 should get you something pretty good. It won't be a crotch rocket, but will sit on 110.

    The scariest thing on a bike is cars coming up behind you.
  14. anyone got any ideas on a decent bike then?

    I've been looking at scooters ,mainly because they're cheap, but I'd love something with a fairing and power :D .
    What do you reckon of the Yamaha fzr250? Looks pretty cool :)
    Budget's not huge but i should be up and riding by april next year :D
  15. I may be biased, but there's a nice looking Z650 on Ebay in Sydney for $400 something. Says it runs well too. Cheap, reliable and heaps of second hand parts around for them. LAMS approved.
    Worth a look.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. The only way that thing's worth $2500 is if all the bikes partially visible around it in the shots are included in the deal.

    I picked up a ZX-6R for exactly that amount a few weeks ago...

    But, yeah, you're on the right track. If someone's daily travels take them onto extended stretches of freeways, a Postie is not the thing to be looking at, not when there are much bigger bikes to be had for hardly any more money at all... something like that CBX550, which isn't a bad bike at all, would be going for a grand if it wasn't being sold by that particular shop... whose slogan might as well be "yesterday's bikes at tomorrow's prices".
  17. Pink, if I were you I'd be looking for a cheap early-mid 80's 250. There are quite a few around for under $2k if you look in the right spots, just make sure that it comes with a RWC.

    For that sort of money it might be easier finding an older trailie, check out the latest motorcycle trader mag for an article on a couple of cheap lerner project bikes
  18. Agreed, the link was originally to a cheap 250cc single (I think around 500 bucks) in need of a little work to get going. Clearly things on bikesales have moved since then.